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xeta: “I think this is our last roster in Korea”

At ESL One Cologne 2019, we sat down with MVP PK’s Seon-Ho “xeta” Son following their group-stage exit. The Korean team managed to give eventual tournament winners, Team Liquid, a good run for their money in the first round with a 14-16 scoreline, but had a less successful time in the best-of-three lower bracket, losing to mousesports without taking a map.

The 22 year-old AWPer spoke about their run at the German tournament, the aftermath of the roster changes in March as well as the state of Asian and Korean Counter-Strike.

Are you guys satisfied with your results in Cologne or did you hope to have a better placing and beat more teams?

Actually, we came in here with a lot of preparation so we thought we could win the first match against Liquid, you know? We did not [do] quite as well as we thought, so we’re quite unsatisfied.

What are your goals as a team right now?

First of all we want to make it through the Minor and then we want to make it through to play-offs at LANs.

Now that GOSU aren’t around, what’s it like in the Korean scene? Is it harder to grow since there isn’t that domestic rivalry anymore?

When stax was in GOSU, he saw MVP PK’s lack of firepower and thought they would make a change. As he said, we changed our roster. solo and glow left MVP PK. That’s why we brought firepower in stax and HSK [as] IGL.

So you think it’s better now?

Yeah, definitely.

Speaking of glow and solo, what are they doing now? Are they still involved?

They’re just living real life *laughs*. They are not playing right now.

What about Jinx? Is he just a backup player?

Yeah. If we think we need changes in our team, we can just bring [in] Jinx. But we can’t go back to our old roster. It’s just not possible.

What about Asian Counter-Strike right now in general? You’re currently ranked higher than TYLOO.

Now that TYLOO changed their roster and xccurate has left the team, that’s quite big. They need an AWPer and they have the Chinese player DANK1NG, but I don’t see him playing in [many] competitions, so we need to see.

Do you think it’ll be possible to see an English-speaking international Asian team in the future? Perhaps with Thai players, Korean players, Mongolian players, etc.

Maybe in the future it’s possible, but it’ll be very hard for Asian players to communicate with each other in English, because Asian players mainly don’t speak English at all. So it’ll be quite hard.

Is there any upcoming talent in Korea right now? Any new upcoming players?

*smiles* No, no one. I think this is our last roster in Korea. If we quit CS, then it would never happen again, CS in Korea.

Interview conducted by @FrogCS


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