• piethrouer

"We want to reach ESL Pro League as well, that is a main goal for us..." an interview with AmaNEk

So first off, let's talk a bit about your online results in ECS - taking games off of FaZe and other top teams. Same with your online qualifiers. What have you guys done online to look so good?

AmaNEk: We work a lot. We don't do as much practice as we should but we have a lot of official matches. We did like 100+ online matches during the last three months, which is impressive from us. We give everything we have for every match we play. We improved quickly during the last three months which is why we had such good results over all.

Why have you guys been so underrated lately despite having such good results, is there any reason for that?

AmaNEk: People look at the HLTV rankings and ESL ranks and they don't pay attention to our results specifically.

You and devoduvek have been playing together for a while, what is the dynamic behind that relationship? Does it help you guys play better together in terms of chemistry?

AmaNEk: Yeah, I think we have good chemistry between us. We know each other really well, and that's why we have good results together and that’s it.

You guys played with Misfits in NA for a while as well as under the leadership of seang@res. What influence did both of these factors have on you; what was it like playing with seang@res as IGL?

AmaNEk: seang@res is a good example of what a IGL should be: he's a great person and he gives us everything he has to give and the psychology, mental preparation, game preparation... he gave everything he had to produce good results.

You guys are one of the most promising looking French teams now, G2 have had a very bad year, Envy are no longer with a French roster, and Vitality are very new. Where do you personally put LDLC in the French rankings, especially after your run here in Chicago?

AmaNEk: I think we are not the best French team at the moment because we need to do it in the long term. Short term we have done good but it doesn't mean anything if we don't do it consistently.

Who is making the calls on your team now?

AmaNEk: In online games, it’s between me and ALEX, but during this LAN in particular, it doesn't work to have multiple people calling so we gave the role to ALEX and it worked really well for us.

Finally, going forward, what are some of your team's goals like the Major?

AmaNEk: We are going to give everything we have to get to the Major because there is only one online qualifier remaining. After that we need to focus on the MDL offline games and the ECS games as well. We want to reach ESL Pro League as well, that is a main goal for us as well.