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"We've been playing a bit solo, players haven't been wanting to play together" - Interview with rain

Ahead of FaZe's first match of BLAST Pro Series Lisbon we got the chance to talk with rain about the teams recent struggles and what they have done to prepare for the event.

Although the last LAN results have been decent for you (shifting between first and third place at the last 5 events), you still don’t look satisfied. How do you see this last event of the year going for you, against such stacked opponents?

rain: We had a month off before this tournament so we took a vacation, a two week vacation, and let our minds relax and get our minds together against and hopefully we are ready for this.

You’re going to be matching up against against Astralis in the first round, on Dust2. What are your thoughts regarding the match?

rain: Last time we played them in Chicago we won against them, so they aren't in our heads anymore. They were in our heads for a while during the summer, but now I think we will be able to go head to head against them.

Astralis have been unstoppable in these last few months, even being able to steal the Intel Grand Slam from you last weekend. What do you think they’re doing better than all the other teams, including you, that is making them such an hard opponent to beat?

rain: I don't know, I think they just found a way of playing this is really hard to counter and they have really good players and everyone is stepping up for them. You see gla1ve with this huge performances as an IGL, which is something only Fallen has really done in the past. I think they just have a really good combination of players, you have Xyp9x with the clutches and Magisk as the anchor and I just really think they have a good lineup right now.

You were unable to qualify to ESL Pro League finals last week. That can be an advantage to you in this tournament, as you had more time to practice these last few weeks. What have you been working on coming up to this event?

rain: Just trying to play our own game again, playing with each other. We've been playing a bit solo, players haven't been wanting to play together and I think we have been able to fix some of those specifics.

You have a lot of fans in the Portuguese community, in case you weren’t aware. How do you feel about BLAST reaching up to new countries regarding a big event?

rain: I think it's cool , it's a lot of fun going to places you haven't been before. I have always wanted to go to Portugal, ever since I played with fox and I think it's good for the CS:GO community as a whole to go to new places.

CSGO is now free to play, but not without some backlash from the community. How do you feel about that update? Do you agree with the direction Valve is taking with their game?

rain: Well, free to play can be a good thing, it can bring in a lot of players. I have played a lot of battle royale, I have played all of them, and CS:GO seems like the worst one I have ever played. It seems like it was done in an hour and they were like "here you go guys, play with it". I don't think it's gonna last at all. They will have to make other changes for CS:GO to continue to grow.

What are your expectations towards the next year?

rain: To become the team we used to be back in 2017 and get our shit together, and just become better again.


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