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"We are ready to come back and show that we are a really strong team..." - Interview with gla1ve

You are the only team to have made every ECS final from #1 to now, Do you think even with the changes to the format that it’s still a tournament you are proud of to make it the whole way.

When we talk about it, we always want to attend ECS events because we want to show that we can get to every final and keep being a top team. We have won it two times in a row I believe and we want to keep doing that and show people that we’re always here in the Wembley arena to win.

You also made EPL finals as well, do you feel as though the balance is right between the one online league for the top teams and one that is a LAN format

Right now there's less online matches if you qualify immediately, like we did with both tournaments (epl and ecs), so we were pretty happy with that, but also online matches gave you a lot of individual training and team practice because that's when you want to win and you can see what's working and what's not. Everyone's just playing and sometimes they are trying new stuff so some online matches are good but too many are bad.

Other teams were away from Europe playing other events, you are saying how online games can be really good individually, well when the big teams are away, do you end up playing some smaller teams that you normally wouldn't scrim against.

Yeah of course, if all the other top teams are at a big event that we are not attending, we will play them. That is when we go over stuff, go over new tactics, look at our playbook on different maps and figure out if we need to scratch something or evolve something. But then when we play against the good teams, That's when we practice the most.

Do you feel like, having observed from afar and being able to focus on your own practice are you ready to comeback and show people that you're still a very strong team.

We are ready to come back and show that we are a really strong team and that we can still be number one in the world. That is what we are focusing the most on.

Does the ranking matter to you, seeing team liquid up there (as number one), is it more of a disappointment that you've lost the spot or is it motivating you to prove that you are still the best?

we knew that we would lose the number one ranking spot at some point, and we did it after 406 days I believe and that's a really long time. So we are pretty satisfied with what we have achieved, but of course the way we lost it we could have done it in other ways that would've been better for us. We will see, we are happy to be here and competing and right now we just have three tournaments to focus on before the summer break.

You're in a group with FURIA, who did really well in Dallas. When you are preparing for opponents, are the teams that have had a \spark in terms of their recent performance a bit scarier compared to teams like NiP who you play a lot more often or in the same region as.

yea, I think so because when you roll on momentum like FURIA is doing right now they can easily change up stuff and do new things and they believe that everything will work right now. So that is when, if we prepare really well, they could come up with something new and just play in a different way. We will see about it and prepare like we usually do and we shall see how they are going to play.

When you’ve lost things like your Nuke streak, your Inferno streak, is that something that knocks your confidence or do you accept that eventually a streak has to end.

eventually a streak does have to come to an end, of course it was sad to lose first our inferno streak and then our Nuke streak. We wanted to keep them rolling for as long as possible but we were happy to of even had the streaks and are pretty proud of ourselves for doing that. We still believe we are really good on those two maps, but we could feel it in practice that we lacked something. We were not entirely sure what it was but we are finally finding our groove again right now.

When you where last here for the Faceit Major, you were saying how you were a seven map team and you were hoping to continue that when vertigo came into the pool. Now that people have had a bit of time to play on it, is that still the case?

We still want to be a seven map team but Vertigo is really weird right now. Actually we have been really good practice against our opponents, so I don't really know if we are going to play it or not. Maybe some teams will pick it against us, it's a possibility but it's tough to pick it yourself right now because you don't know how good teams are. I think we will pick it against some teams, but not against everyone. If we don't know if they are good at it or not I think it would be a bit scary to just go and pick it.

is there anything you want to say to end the interview, whether it's to fans or critics?

I understand why we have got a lot of talk on twitter and stuff like that about Astralis blowing up their era and stuff like that. Of course we understand where people are coming from because we try to see it from their perspective and we see how it looks. We felt like in the beginning of the year it was what was necessary for us and sometimes it can be hard to understand that. Our focus is on these three next events now, three none blast events, and hopefully the people will be happy after it all.

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