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Uniting with eUnited's Michael "dapr" Gulino

eUnited's Michael "dapr" Gulino in uniform
eUnited's Michael "dapr" Gulino in uniform

Well, thank you for joining me first and foremost, I'm sure your schedule may be a little packed.

Yeah it’s starting to slow down now with the player break starting.

I'd like to start out moving a little bit into the past. I'm not sure how in depth you would like to discuss about it, but what was it like at the end of the GX team that eventually lead to you getting kicked?

Different opinions and probably a lack of performance at the pro relegation that season.

After GX, what was it like trying to find a new team? Had you approached eUnited, maybe knowing someone there already, or had they approached you?

After GX I went to college and played for Ghost Academy while in school, I then was approached by rise (eUnited) to tryout, and the rest is history. Never finished that semester either.

Something I've wondered throughout my time watching young players join up in the Esports scene is do you find your decision worth it choosing Esports over school? Does it come easy to you making this choice and how do people around you feel about it?

Not an easy choice by any means but hey you’re only young once and you only get so many chances to chase your dream so that was my reasoning, my family is really supportive of me and I’m super lucky for that - I get snapchats from my cousin when I’m in London and it’s just amazing.

Having family behind you always helps, that's great to hear. The first season of ECS was what most would consider a success, did you guys think you would come so close to making the playoffs in the first season and are you satisfied with your results?

In your first season of pro you just play and try your hardest every game and we had a lot of upset wins, like beating C9, Liquid and SK in bo1s. So I would say it was pretty successful and we’re hoping to replicate that success next season.

After making your first ECS Season, the team’s first season of EPL is coming up now too. What are your thoughts moving up from MDL to the Pro League and how has your preparation for it been going?

MDL to pro is a big jump, and we’ve been practicing for it since we qualified. In my opinion, we have grown a lot and keep improving with every practice.

At the minor you guys were able to make it out of groups and shock NRG in the first elimination match. What was the team mentality heading into that game and afterwards?

When you know you’re the underdog you just go into the game having fun and try to throw them off their game - after we won we were ecstatic obviously but I also felt bad because I know NRG deserved and probably would of done damage in the major.

Not to bring back any bad memories or painful flashbacks, but what was the mentality like after coming so close to the major and falling short to compLexity?

It sucks so much and you have a lot of “what ifs” but it’s motivation to work hard so you make it the next time.

To wrap things up, how has your team functioned with "Relyks" as your in-game leader (assuming he was and still is)? Does he bring a special form of leadership to your team?

He has always been IGL - I enjoy Skyler's calling he gives a lot of freedom to the players to make plays and reads and play off of each other mid round, it works for us.

Awesome man, thank you so much.

Thank you!


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