• Lukas DeWitt

Understanding Utility: Overpass' Barrel Molly

Overpass is a unique map for an assortment of reasons. One interesting characteristic is that nearly every chokepoint or anchored position can be preemptively affected by the utility before contact. With time and practice, a player can learn how to throw their opponent off with utility without initially needing to see them. The creative potential for this map is high, but you have to know the basics first.

The B site is especially tricky - getting there requires getting through a rather tight space where you can be pinned easily if pressure is applied. Monster, short-pipe, and connector are all much tighter in space than sands, long and bathrooms. This gives certain advantages to the B site defenders when holding angles for first contact. Good defenders will capitalize on that advantage and win the first fight, a great defender will get two or more. B site defenders have great positional advantages on Overpass, but it can be easily destroyed with utility. When getting through monster into the B site, a defender playing barrels is always something to consider.

The barrel position can be neutralized in many different ways and the most consistent and efficient method to do that is with a molotov. It can be used in isolation or coupled with other pieces of utility. A properly lined and tossed barrel molotov outside of monster can consistently damage your opponent, force them out of position and give you the opportunity to dictate the pace. When the molly lands barrel, it forces the player to make a decision to fall back, swing in front of it, or drop a smoke and go from there. The defender is forced to make a decision, which can be more than enough to throw them off so the offensive force can drive into the site.

A barrel molotov thrown from outside monster is usually paired with a B site execute, but not always. It is also not the only effective lineup for that position. Barrels can be effectively burned off by the T side force while still working in a fake to A by throwing it near the connector. Of course, this is much more circumstantial, but with the connector door open, a proper barrel molotov can be thrown and freeze a rotate from B. If executed properly, this can throw off the entirety of the CT rotations, and leave them susceptible to any tactic the offense wants to execute.


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