• Lukas DeWitt

Understanding Utility: Inferno's CT Smoke

The CT smoke is one of the most important pieces of utility on Inferno. It catalyzes every fleshed out B site execute. It is simple, effective, and can be thrown from multiple easy to learn positions. Without question, the Inferno CT smoke is one of the most essential pieces of utility in the game, but why?

When traditionally taking the B site on Inferno, a defending player peeking from CT is what the first contact will be. Throwing a smoke to cover CT will cut off the defender’s vision, and potentially render them useless to stop the take. At this moment, the player has a split-decision to make. Do they choose to wait next to the smoke? Rotate to coffins? Molotov the opposition? Perhaps they go for broke and flashbang through? There are many options the defender can choose from, and of course, there are a plethora of additional response options if the arch side defender rotates over. Many scenarios can be chosen by the player, but they can only choose one. They have to choose fast, but not too fast. A reckless decision could lose the round, the half, even the game.

The impact goes beyond just the player smoked off. The site player is stuck in an uncomfortable position as well. Just like the CT side defender, the site player must make a pivotal decision in a moment's notice. Will they play defensive and live to fight another day? Will they try to take one before falling to safety? Do they go for the hero play? Just a few options for the player, but only one can be executed. Just like his teammate, the wrong decision could prove fatal for the team’s success. Getting taken out on site too soon could prevent the CT side player from getting into an impactful position, which could lead to a tough retake or even a save. However, giving up too much ground could result in a save without a single fight taken.

This one smoke can easily disrupt the defensive flow and offer a massive offensive impact. The impact of this smoke is so massive that it can be used to condition the opposition a certain way, allowing your team to dictate the flow of the game and even work fakes into the offense. With or without utility backing it up, the CT side smoke is one of the most powerful pieces of utility in the game. This smoke is essential in any playbook and should be learned by every training player. Its upside is tremendous, as proven by the masters of the B site. With the help of this singular smoke, the best players can force rotation and completely shift the round in their team's favor by themselves. Whether it is used for a full execute or simply a lurk, the CT smoke is a must-throw.


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