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The Hunt For An Org: Examining NoChance and OpTic's potential options.

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It’s not rare in CS:GO for a team of free agents and benched players to play together in qualifiers to keep sharp individually. It is a bit strange for a team made up of players in that position to have achieved the level of success NoChance has and still be without an org to represent. They came close to signing with Spanish organization Heretics, but the deal fell through over salary negotiations as it wasn't enough to live on in some players' countries. OpTic Gaming’s CS:GO lineup is in a semi-similar situation. The OpTic brand was recently purchased by Immortals Gaming Club. IGC also have MIBR under their umbrella in CS:GO and therefore OpTic must be sold or released. The OpTic lineup wants to stick together and Immortals is currently open to offers for the lineup. There have been inquiries from organizations about the lineup, but nothing concrete as of yet. There are a couple of key differences between the teams to highlight in their situations. Four of the OpTic players are still under contract, which would require a decently sized initial investment from any org wanting to purchase them. René "TeSeS" Madsen, a recent addition to the OpTic lineup, is a free agent. OpTic’s roster want to keep their European ESL Pro League and ECS league spots and aren’t open to a relocation to North America. NoChance don’t have the league spots that OpTic do, but four of the five members wouldn’t require a buyout and NoChance aren’t ruling out anything, including a move to NA. Both of these lineups deserve to find a home quickly. Let’s take a closer look at three potential orgs that are either actively looking into getting a CS:GO lineup, or just waiting for the right team at the right moment.

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100 Thieves 100 Thieves is like that brand new shiny toy that everyone at school is jealous of. They’re the “it” org of the moment. They’ve gone from not being able to offer contracts to their first Call of Duty roster in 2016, to getting ready to open a 15,000 square foot headquarters in Los Angeles in the coming months. Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag’s revelation that 100T would be entering into CS:GO has the community wondering just how big of a splash 100 Thieves will make on their second attempt in the esport. The key point in this discussion is all about location. One of the main reasons 100 Thieves got this new headquarters was to ensure all of their esports teams and staff are under one roof. Unless 100 Thieves are willing to spend the initial money to get OpTic’s lineup and are fine with the team staying in Europe and maintaining their league spots, it doesn’t seem a likely destination for the Danes. NoChance is a potential option that 100 Thieves could build on in the future, but I have a feeling 100 Thieves will try and build something that will find success nearly immediately in the upper echelons of the CS:GO scene. Team SoloMid It was reported by Dekay in February that TSM was reaching out to multiple free agents and benched players in the scene to potentially build a roster. Just a few months later TSM’s President Leena Xu was answering questions on her Instagram stories, where I get all my esports news, where she said that TSM would be taking it slow because how big of a project it was to enter into CS:GO. She estimated it would cost TSM “1.5 to 2 million dollars, maybe more depending on the staff that you pick up for your players”. TSM is no stranger to the Danish scene in CS:GO. They famously had an all-Danish squad in 2015. OpTic’s lineup would be a great fit for an organization like TSM. TSM would re-enter immediately into the Top 20 and would have the resources to provide in-game leader MSL and head coach Ruggah with what they would need to succeed. NoChance would be a cheaper option for TSM and one with similar potential, but they would need to struggle through the European qualifying scene to gain the league spots an org as big as TSM would want to have. Rogue Rogue left CS:GO completely after losing MSL and niko to OpTic Gaming in March of this year. They did leave the door open for a return to the scene when the time was right. That time may have come quicker than they thought. Rogue recently announced that Michael “ODEE” O’Dell would join Rogues parent company ReKTGlobal as “Chief Gaming Officer”. ODEE founded Team Dignitas in 2003 and had a few of the members of the current OpTic lineup on Dignitas’ CS:GO roster at one point or another. Rogue already have a League of Legends team in the LEC, Riot Gaming’s European Franchised League, and would be a great home for either OpTic or NoChance if they are willing to get back into CS:GO.


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