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The Art of the Blowout: Recalling the Most Iconic 16-0s in CS:GO History

The most memorable games are the close ones. Who doesn't love an overtime game with back-and-forth plays, comebacks and clutches? But there is an exception, a magical scoreline that can cause a similar level of excitement: 16-0.

A complete blowout is a rare occurrence, but when it happens, it draws the attention of everyone remotely interested in the game. Memes are made. News articles are written. Angry bettors lose their minds. It is excruciatingly painful for the players and fans of the losing side, but for everyone else, it is as good as a cold beverage on a hot summer's day. Accordingly, we look back at some iconic 16-0 matches to commemorate the most dominant performances in CS:GO history.

Photo courtesy of Jennika Ojala via DreamHack

First Major Blowout

Dust2 is fundamentally an aim map. Therefore, it wasn't surprising to witness the first-ever 16-0 at a Major on that map. Astralis, arguably the best team in history at the height of their powers, took on MIBR in the fourth Swiss round of the FACEIT Major for a spot in the playoffs. The Brazilian team had beaten G2 and mousesports comfortably, but they had no idea what was coming their way.

Astralis won a 3vs4 to kick things off on the CT-side and quickly extended their lead to 7-0. While Nicolai "device" Reedtz reached 16 kills in seven rounds, Jake "Stewie2K" Yip was doing his best James Bond impression with his 0-0-7 KAD. And after 10 rounds, device still had as many kills (20) as all of the MIBR players combined.

The crucial round for the sweep was the 11th one when Peter "dupreeh" Rasmussen was left in a 1vs2 situation. With time running out and both MIBR players on Long, dupreeh watched the cross from Middle with an AWP. The Danish player got both kills to complete the clutch.

MIBR had another chance to prevent the 16-0 but they lost a 5vs3 in the second pistol round and got swept. This wasn't the most dominant performance as far as 16-0s go, but it was the first one at a Major, so it is one of the most humiliating defeats in history.

Astralis Do It Again

12 Majors and not a single 16-0; and then Astralis managed to do it in back-to-back Majors. This time the Danes were going up against Cloud9 on Train. Astralis started the match on defense, just like in their game against MIBR.

Robin "flusha" Rönnquist got half of his kills in the third round when he killed Emil "Magisk" Reif. The Swede would go on to secure one more kill in the remaining 13 rounds.

Magisk pulled one out of the hat in the sixth round with a smoke defuse on the B-site as William "RUSH" Wierzba couldn't find the kill. device was dominating the game from the start, just like he did against MIBR, and had a 13:2 score in nine rounds, while Andreas "Xyp9x" Højsleth had the same number of deaths by the end of the map.

Astralis were more dominant in this match than the MIBR one and gave Cloud9 almost no chance. Liquid is determined to break Astralis' records but winning 16-0 twice at the Majors will be a big challenge for the North Americans.

Brazilian-Australian Rivalry

The core of Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo, Fernando "fer" Alvarenga and Marcelo "coldzera" David have dished out their fair share of bashings. The Brazilians, who played under the Luminosity banner in 2015 and 2016, beat Renegades 16-0 twice on LAN.

The first one came in September 2015 at the iBUYPOWER Cup. The teams appeared evenly matched back then but the Brazilians won Cobblestone 16-0, with FalleN posting an 18:2 score. Renegades got a total of 26 kills and none of their players picked up more than six. The Brazilian squad repeated their performance in 2016 at ELEAGUE Season 1, taking Train 16-0.

Renegades returned the favor a few months later when fer was sidelined due to injury. The Brazilians were now playing for SK. The ESL Pro League game on Dust2 featured an impressive individual performance by Justin "jks" Savage who had a 22:3 score and posted a 2.36 HLTV rating.

Weirdly, the 11th round of this game was also important, just like it was in the Astralis-MIBR match. SK found the first three kills in the round but Aaron "AZR" Ward and Ricardo "Rickeh" Mulholland pulled off the 2vs5 clutch, paving the way for the 16-0 beatdown. Even though it was an online game and fer wasn't playing, beating the best team at the time was still an incredible feat for the Australians.

Fnatic Get A Taste of Their Own Medicine

Fnatic have had some incredible 16-0 victories, most memorably against FaZe and Luminosity, back when they had a different lineup. This March at the WESG World Finals, however, AGO gave fnatic a taste of their own medicine, beating the Swedes 16-0 on Inferno after starting on the T-side.

Grzegorz "SZPERO" Dziamałek's 1vs2 clutch to wrap up the first half was crucial for AGO's quest to have a flawless game. This was fnatic's first-ever 16-0 defeat with any lineup and it was against a team that they were expected to beat, which is why it will remain as a black mark in the organization's history.


What could possibly be worse than losing 16-0? Losing 16-0 twice in a best-of-three series. One of these matches took place at Cross Border Esports 2017, with ARES facing off against Nova. This is most likely the most brutal series in the history of CS:GO. ARES, featuring well known French sub-top players like Simon "Fuks" Florysiak and Matthieu "matHEND" Roquigny, won both Cache and Cobblestone with 16-0 scorelines to advance to the playoffs.

Logan "LOGAN" Conti didn't die once in the second map while getting 18 kills. He also finished the series with a 29:2 score, which might be the cleanest best-of-three performance at a LAN event ever.

The other 32-0 series was in the South American qualifier for the 2016 World Championship. Peru thrashed Bolivia 16-0 on Cache and Train, while Bolivian player Armin "arming" Toro has been immortalized in the history books with a 3:32 score.

Honorable Mentions

SK vs. G2: This was the opening map in the quarter-final of a $500,000 event. FalleN was hitting every shot and ended the game with a 22:4 score.

Renegades vs. CLG Red: I honestly don't know who thought this was a good idea. Renegades showed no mercy for the female team and won the best-of-three series with only three round losses. The second map, Cobblestone, ended 16-0 and jks posted a 20:0 score. Benita "bENITA" Novshadian, on the other hand, finished the game with zero kills and 16 deaths.

Nexus vs. MK: bENITA's performance against Renegades was bad but Emiliyan "spyleadeR" Dimitrov has had an even more dreadful performance in a 16-0 loss. Not only did he finish with zero kills and 16 deaths, but he also posted a 4.4 ADR, meaning that he dealt 70.4 damage in total throughout the entire game.

Kinguin vs. This was the third map of an elimination game at the FACEIT Stage 2 Finals and everything was at stake. Adil "ScreaM" Benrlitom activated headshot mode and wreaked havoc on the CT-side of Cache, helping Kinguin eliminate the Poles in humbling fashion.

Kinguin vs. If you thought Renegades vs. CLG Red was humiliating, you should check out this match between two Polish teams. No player could get more than four kills and they had 17 kills combined. Michał "MICHU" Müller got more kills (19) on his own than the entire opposition.

mousesports vs. Na`Vi: Even the best player in the world, Aleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, has suffered a 16-0 loss in his career. s1mple may have not prevented the 16-0 but he still reached double-digits in terms of kills, which is hard to do in these types of games.