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Sources: Chaos to return with NA roster including steel, in talks with NaToSaphiX

Credit: DRAFT5

North American organization Chaos Esports Club looks to re-establish a CS:GO roster headlined by veteran in-game leader Joshua ‘steel’ Nissan, according to sources close to Rush B Media. The former Ghost leader will be joined by former Lazarus player Gage ‘Infinite’ Green, former Cloud9 member Will ‘RUSH’ Wierzba and Cameron ‘hydrex’ Kern of Singularity. Joining Chaos in a coaching role is Alan ‘Shakezullah’ Hardeman, also of Singularity. Four of the five members of the Chaos lineup have been confirmed, and currently Chaos are in discussions with ex-Heroic member Niels-Christian ‘NaToSaphiX’ Sillassen to round out the roster.

There is the minor issue of Chaos needing two members from the former Singularity team to play the first eight matches of the upcoming MDL season in order to retain the slot. ESEA rules state “For divisions above Open, for a team's spot to be maintained between seasons, a team must have 2 players who participated during the prior season (through playing at least one match) on the roster at the close of registration. Failure to do so will result in a demotion to Open”. While Rush B Media has not been able to confirm this information, the current logic indicates that Shakezullah will play for the first eight matches until he can be replaced in the active lineup within the league.

For those unaware, Chaos is an organization familiar with Counter-Strike. After going with different iterations of full Swedish lineups since May of 2018, the organization decided to let its current players’ contracts expire and move forward with a North American lineup. In a statement released today, the organization said the move away from Sweden into North America was because of organizational support.

Should everything turn out, the final Chaos roster will consist of:

Josh ‘steel’ Nissan

Gage ‘Infinite’ Green

Will ‘RUSH’ Wierzba

Cameron ‘hydrex’ Kern

Niels-Christian ‘NaToSaphiX’ Sillassen

Alan ‘Shakezullah’ Hardeman (Coach)


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