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Skadoodle Considering Retirement

Skadoodle has had a storied career. He made his name on the now-infamous iBuyPower line-up, where he was a feared AWPer and considered by many to be one of the best at that role in the world. After that team disbanded, he joined Cloud9 - where his time has been far more varied. Despite being a fan favourite, many people considered the AWPer to be the weak link in the team. His static style and natural shyness were stated as reasons he should move on, and his numbers took a dive, too. Alas, Cloud9 stuck with the sniper, and he paid them back with interest. An MVP level performance at the Eleague Major, including several fantastic clutches in the final, helped them best finalists FaZe Clan in a heart-wrenching BO3. Skadoodle broke down in tears on stage; it was the moment his whole career seemed to have led up to. Now, just five months later, he seems to be considering ending the story.

Skadoodle was a key part of Cloud9's historic Major victory at ELEAGUE Boston.

According to a source close to Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham, the Cloud9 AWPer has talked about retiring from the competitive scene. This is not the first time that the former iBuyPower star has considered walking away from the game. More recently, Skadoodle became inactive from the Cloud9 roster during the Stewie-SK transfer Saga explaining in a tweet that he was "currently inactive with csgo, the future is uncertain". The tweet suggested he might be taking a break from competitive play, however he soon returned to the active roster after several attempted replacement signings fell through.

The current Cloud9 roster has faced several struggles after losing Stewie2k. His replacement, Pujan "FNS" Mehta was benched only 54 days following his reported $200,000 transfer to the reigning Major Champions. Recent reports have indicated the North American organization is looking to sign Nathan "NBK-" Schmitt as the replacement to FNS while Joshua "jdm64" Marzano would take the place of Skadoodle. The former Team Liquid sniper was considered a heavy favorite to replace Skadoodle in the Cloud9 lineup back in March, however for unknown reasons the transfer fell through. Now, no longer attached to Team Liquid following his contract expiration, the American AWPer is once again touted as a suitable player for the C9 roster.

Rush B Media reached out to a representative from Cloud9 who did not immediately respond to comment.


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