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Report: horvy to step in for TeamOne

Updated: Feb 26, 2019

João “horvy” Horvath in his INTZ eSports jersey (Credit to ESL Pro League)
João “horvy” Horvath in his INTZ eSports jersey (Credit to ESL Pro League)

Today, Mais Esports reported that Nicolás "NikoM" Miozzi’s was stepping down from Team One, now sources close to Rush B Media have informed us that the team has decided João “horvy” Horvath will act as their immediate replacement.

The move comes after the organization fell short of not just one, but two chances to qualify for the IEM Sydney Closed Qualifier and a 5th-8th place finish at the Americas Minor. Now, TeamOne are looking to return to an all-Brazilian lineup with the addition of horvy. Sources have told us that INTZ eSports is willing to let horvy go on loan until March 31st. This will not be his first encountering in-game leader Bruno "bit" Lima, who he replaced on “NoTag” (now INTZ) last year. Since taking bits spot back in September, horvy’s statistics have been incredibly underwhelming, in fact it was a big reason as to why he was benched in the first place. Averaging a 0.97 rating on his former team, as well as posting some of the lowest numbers of his career while facing T1/2 teams. Horvy has been touted as one of the younger rising talents Brazil has had to offer in recent years, but has yet to show a big upturn in performance, and this may be one of the last chances he has to truly shine and live up to the name.

TeamOne’s record in the 30th Season of the North American ESEA Premier League is currently 6-4, placing them in the top 8 teams projected to make the playoffs. The lineup consists of players more than capable of putting up numbers in a Pro League level, with Alencar "trk" Rossato being the most important to note. Many members of the community have pinned him as Brazil’s “next big thing” and his buyout was placed far too high for multiple teams in the past, with the Immortals of 2017 being the most notable. With horvy joining the crew, another young name may just be what they need.

With this loan, TeamOne’s roster will be as follows:

Pedro "Maluk3" Campos

Victor "iDk" Torraca

Alencar "trk" Rossato

Bruno "bit" Lima

João “horvy” Horvath


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