• Anthony Vitale

Rapid Reactions: Imperial Trio to Valiance & Co

The community was led to believe that the Imperial crew would be adding the likes of veteran in-game leader Markus "pronax" Wallsten and young AWP talent Otto "ottoNd" Sihvo to complete their 5 man lineup. However, the team's core members have decided to take their futures in different directions.

Nemanja "huNter" Kovač reunites with a player by the same first name in Nemanja "nexa" Isaković
Nemanja "huNter" Kovač reunites with a player by the same first name in Nemanja "nexa" Isaković

After losing their coach in Aleksandar "kassad" Trifunović after only four months with the team, the amount of tactical depth in the Valiance roster matched with its overall lack in firepower caused the team to fall apart from the inside out. That being said, three-fifths of the team will be taking their leave in favor of ex-Imperial members Rokas "EspiranTo" Milasauskas, Nemanja "nexa" Isaković, and the aforementioned ottoNd.

The players making their exit from Valiance will be Luka "emi" Vuković, Aleksa "Impulse" Stankić, and Aleksandar "jayzaR" Žarković, following their recent results. Nestor "LETN1" Tanić, the team's captain and in-game leader, and Nemanja "huNter" Kovač are the only players to remain in the lineup moving forward. Being the younger cousin of FaZe Clan's own Nikola "NiKo" Kovač, huNter brings promise to this team as they find themselves with three new additions, as well as the reunion of the Serbian iNation duo of nexa and huNter.

Being a praised name in the scene since his debut in Imperial, EspiranTo looks to continue his consistent form in a new organization with a new set of players by his side. nexa had also redeemed his name in the scene after a poor experience in the Renegades lineup from April to August of 2017, proving himself a powerful rifle for his opponents to fear. ottoNd, however, is less known in the ranks of his fellow teammates and this will be an opportunity for him to break out onto the scene as someone that higher level teams should keep their eyes on in the future.

An unexpected combination of players may prove to be one that finds success in the middle tier of play as we have seen previous Imperial lineups do before. A decent mix of young talent may only suffer from a lack of experienced members to lead the way of the crew, as the average age of the team is but 21 years old. LETN1 has been a member of the community since the game's beginnings, so this bodes well for them considering that it is likely he will act as the team's in-game leader. Only time will tell whether this new mix of names can provide results or not, but the level of raw talent on paper should be enough to take this team to a decent length before another change is needed.