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Post-Match Interview with stanislaw: "we feel like we can win it all"

After compLexity beat BIG to go 3-0 and qualify for the major, I spoke to Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz about the match against BIG, the home crowd and their expectations going into the playoffs.

This was your first time playing nuke at this major, going into the veto, was this the map you expected to come out of the veto?

Yeah, we went over the game plan last night and we knew it would come down to nuke and we were just fully prepared.

You seemed to read BIG really well during the match, did you put a lot of effort in to anti-strating them?

It’s usually a mix of what my style is. I usually just prepare my team and the other team as well. We knew some of their tendencies and also we just stuck to our game plan.

When you came in to this event, did you expect to reach this stage so easily, only dropping one map?

Absolutely not. I knew it would be a struggle, but I didn't expect it to be this easy like you said. I'm just super proud of my team, I think we've been just playing amazing counterstrike and being our first major together, it's kind of incredible.

Going in to the next stage, you guys will probably be the closest thing to a home team, and will probably have the home crowd advantage. Do you think having the home crowd will help you or do you think it has no effect?

Yeah, I think the home crowd is definitely an advantage because it’s like playing with a 6th person. If the home crowd is on your side then they are going to cheer everything for you and its really a mind game for the other team, that they have to try and spend all their energy blocking out the other fans. I’ve been on the other end of it so I know how it feels, but yeah, having the home crowd is definitely an advantage. So I hope the England fans are right behind us because of Rory "dephh" Jackson.

So going in to the playoffs now, what is your expectations, what final placement would you say that you would be happy with?

I mean, we are already happy with what we have, we’ve been happy with even just making the stage that we just 3-0’d. So anything from now is just going to be a bonus for us, obviously now, with the way we are playing, our confidence is super high and we feel like we can win it all. But we are not going to get ahead of ourselves, we are still brand new to the major as a team and we are just going to keep playing good CS and take it one day at a time.


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