• Anthony Vitale

New England Whalers loan caike to TeamOne as Temporary stand-in for iDk

As TeamOne entry-fragger Victor “iDk” Torraca takes a back seat in the roster due to unforeseen health issues, the New England Whalers have agreed to loan them Caike “caike” Costa to stand in his place for the time being.

Caike had been a member of TeamOne from October of 2017 to March of 2018 with admirable performances during his time with the organization and now returns to fill in the place of an unexpectedly ill iDk. The teams expect to be back with their respective players before their Season 32 ESEA league campaigns commence.

According to New England Whalers owner Diego “MrDiego” Freitas, the team is scheduled to have all of their players back at their team house in Boston by the end of the month pending their P1-Visa approvals. The likes of Felipe “pavel” Costa, Rafael “saffee” Costa, and Heloy “hellzaoo” Nelson also return to Boston joining Yan "yepz" Pedretti and caike for the first time this year. They will be participating in ESEA Advanced this upcoming season with caike remaining on the active roster assuming all goes accordingly. With that, iDk should also return by the end of the month.

Both ESEA and the Whalers’ opponents have agreed to postpone some of their Advanced matches due to players still acquiring their P1-Visas in Brazil.


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