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Let's Build a Juggernaut

Four words inside a chain of tweets that echoed across the landscape of Counter-Strike. Complexity owner Jason Lake was tired of being a bottom shelf roster and made it abundantly clear he was ready to use any and all the resources necessary to start winning.

One month later, Complexity signed former Cloud9 member and Major champion Will ‘RUSH’ Wierzba as well as Heroic in-game leader Benjamin ‘blameF’ Bremer. RUSH’s addition was meant to be an upgrade from Hunter ‘SicK’ Mims, who was benched after a largely underperforming 6-month tenure. On paper, RUSH is an exciting upgrade from SicK, but all eyes were set on blameF as soon as the announcement came.

Bringing blameF from Denmark to Dallas is a huge win for the Complexity brand in and out of the server. I have not been shy in my praises toward blameF, but that is because he has the tangible and intangible abilities of a generational talent. Jason Lake scored big by signing him, and could very well be the makings of a historic relationship.

Of course, blameF is a huge signing but Counter-Strike is a team game, and in order for the juggernaut to be properly built, Jason Lake must work tirelessly to upgrade this roster. Right now this lineup is far from a juggernaut. The core's record sits at 9-10 over the course of one month. Now, one month typically is not enough time for any team to show how good they can be. However, the writing is on the wall, and it is hard to see the best version of this team ever competing for trophies.

Rifler Rory ‘dephh’ Jackson and AWPer Shahzeb ‘Shahzam’ Khan declined in performance which led to their removal from the lineup, and RUSH has experienced a failure to launch, not even looking like a performance upgrade from SicK. Besides blameF and rifler prodigy Owen ‘oBo’ Schlatter, the roster is replaceable. If Complexity wants this blameF signing to work out long term, they will have to pull more big-name talents to the lineup. The situation, timing, and price have to be right, but these are the players that Complexity should take aim at in round two of roster rebuild:


On Sunday, neL of broke the news that Complexity was looking to replace dephh for Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke. To legitimize the news, Complexity announced dephh was no longer with Complexity and ShahZaM was benched. The former top 20 Danish star has been in a slump for some time, and after what happened with the OpTic organization, k0nfig could use a change of scenery. Replacing dephh for k0nfig is a legitimate upgrade. Peak k0nfig was the seventeenth best player in the world. At 22 years old, he has plenty of time to get it back. An in-game leader like blameF is the perfect player to light a fire under k0nfig and help him return to superstar form.


It is not a surprise that Matthew ‘WARDELL’ Yu would show up on this list. He was released from his Ghost contract last month and is the most talented free agent in North America. Not only that, joining Complexity makes too much sense for both sides. His arrival to the lineup would instantly make it more explosive. As previously mentioned, Shahzam was benched on the Complexity roster. With two holes in the roster, including an open AWP position, the signs are pointing toward WARDELL joining. There have been some questions regarding his character, but bringing him into the Complexity camp with an overhauled roster could give him the motivation to take the necessary steps to evolve as a player.


Martin ‘Styko’ Styk is one of the most underrated players in pro CS. His discipline in-server is top class, and he has the ability to make all of his teammates better in-game. When in mousesports, he had a massive impact in a supportive role for the team. He can help his team in a variety of ways and did so for a team that ranked as high as No. 2 on HLTV. More recently, he spent his time in the NoChance lineup that was signed by SMASH not too long ago. He played well at the Europe Minor, proving that Styko still has the individual ability to play at a high level. A supportive player that can supply underrated fragging would serve as a nice utility for the lineup. Styko is the glue guy that can really help a team gel and reach their true potential. It is a rare set of traits for top CS players to have, and Complexity could greatly benefit from it. For Styko, it would mean an upgrade in salary, resources, and exposure.


Recent reports point toward Bulgarian AWPer Valentin ‘poizon’ Vasilev signing with the organization OG Esports, who is planning on making their Counter-Strike debut with a stacked international roster. Since bursting on the scene poizon has only grown as a talent, going from prospect to renowned AWPer who led the Windigo roster to a first-place trophy at WESG earlier in 2019. Even if the deal between poizon and OG is near finished, he would still be a player worth asking Windigo about. Fellow Bulgarian AWPer Tsvetelin ‘CeRq’ Dimitrov made the transition to North America two years ago, and he is now one of the best AWPers in the world. He could walk a similar path as CeRq by signing with Complexity, and he is worth the bidding war. WARDELL is certainly a solid AWPer to fill the roster, but poizon is just on another level.


If anyone in pro Counter-Strike could use a change of scenery, it is Håvard ‘rain’ Nygaard. He has had a front-row seat in the FaZe rollercoaster for a long time and it is certainly showing. Since placing No. 4 in 2017 on HLTV, his numbers and impact have waned. Rain’s mechanical abilities would be on display in a blameF led offense. The amount of firepower rain could bring in a fresh environment could be game-changing. Like k0nfig and WARDELL, a jump to Complexity could reignite his career.

Four of the five players on this list live in Europe, and moving to North America can be a dealbreaker for players when negotiating contracts. Getting players warmed up to the idea of moving may be the biggest task, but these are the challenges the Complexity camp has to overcome if they want to accomplish their end goal. If they want their juggernaut, these are the pieces.

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