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"its one of the first times in my career where I feel that I have control of how I wanna play"-Dephh

When did you realize that changes where going to have to happen (within compLexity), was it a team meeting sort of style or was it one person saying “guys, lets talk.”?

we've obviously been told not to talk about it at all, it's one of the touchy subjects right now, a tender subject but the decision was made at EPL in California about 2 weeks ago. It was a group decision, it wasn't a singular person and it was pretty mutual. We just thought it was the best thing to do at the moment.

Stand-in situations and visa issues have been an issue before for you guys, was playing with stand-ins beneficial because you got to bring in a few new faces before making a change or was it a more difficult situation?

when we played with stand-ins for stanislaw, who is a leader that likes to take control of a lot of things, and obviously bringing in stand ins that do have ideas and maybe wanna share ideas and not get the reception that they possibly would like to get was a struggle. I think the stand-ins at the time where bad for us obviously because we had re prepare everything and start from ground zero. It was always nice to have the stand-ins here every single one was a fun driven guy and we got along with him. It was good but obviously it was not good for the team and the way that we can prepare suffered.

Obviously you guys have just brought in a very young talent, have you guys had a lot of time to play or was this a relatively last minute decision to test run.

it was about a week and a half ago, so we have had about seven days worth of practice before coming to this event. We obviously had a lot of foundations and we just had to fill oBo in, which he's picked up pretty fast. He's very quiet but he seems very open and listens and he's pretty attentive. We are excited to play with him and hes mechanically super insane and we are excited to see how this event goes for him.

Was he one of your first choices when you were looking at names, obviously you don't have to name any other players but was he top of the list in terms of who you wanted to bring in and the sort of player?

Obviously his age was a issue for every org actually because he had to turn 16 in order to attend a lot of the events and we realized that and we always had our eye on him. Obviously we watched his streams and some of our players have played with him in FPL and Rank S. We picked up pretty early that he was talented and the org is just wondering if he could turn into this super talent like Twistzz and Stewie2k did.

Do you think that having those Twistzz and Stewies is encouraging other orgs to pick up young players rather then just go to the reliable names that always come up?

Yea I think that instead of recycling the old names it seems like now that everyone kinda knows each other in the scene that bringing in new fresh talent is always good. I think that finding the kids that young is important in every sport and CS is no different we should be recruiting these kids when they are young and teaching them that way. Obviously they have to figure their lives out too where school is definitely important and just growing up is important, you have to find that balance were it's comfortable for us and for him.

Obviously you are taking over the role of in game leader,was this something you wanted to do or was it that you where the most qualified for it?

I think it's a bit of both, I think this time in my career and the age that i'm at i'm the combination of every in game leader. It's kinda worked out were it's my opportunity to show what I can do. I've always been kinda the second man so even to ptr and stanislaw I was the second man and second voice so it's actually one of the first times in my career were I feel that I have control of how I wanna play and lead the team the way I want to lead it.

What sort of leader do you see yourself becoming, are you going to be very shouty or is it going to be more of trusting your team?

I think that with ptr we already discovered that ruling with a iron fist is obviously not always the most important and especially for this game it's not physical, it's mainly mental. and the leaders obviously can raise their voice if they have to, especially if something recurs. Most the time it's (being a) nurturing leader and somebody that if players are worried they can come talk to the leader instead of turning away and talking to other people.

coming into ECS, you guys qualified because of rogue not participating. Overall did you think that the format was good before that happened?

honestly I love the format, I hated the online leagues to be honest they took too much time and we were playing almost every day. It was too much then so we definitely as a team felt much more relaxed going into these tournaments. We don't have to play every night, we aren't up until 10 every night playing online games, or cramming four into one day because we have a qualifier the next. So yea the format is definitely taking the right route and this is gonna be better for CS in general.

and one of the teams that everyone is talking about here is FURIA, having gone through a lot of qualifiers in the last few months, you've played them quite a few times before. Where they on your radar from pretty early one?

Of course, FURIA where one of the teams, I even tweeted about them I think a year ago I said watch out for this team we've been practicing against them. they have this kind of, I call it the SK kinda vibe were they all came over from brazil obviously and it feels like they are a family and they love each other and they trust in each other and they play like it. You can feel them in a certain way, you feel like they are collective and nobodies playing for themselves. I actually think they could be top five in the world if they keep going up. They are a team that's embracing the AUG and the SG meta, they have a deep map pool, they're obviously very understanding of the game, they have a great support staff from what i've heard. Yea FURIA,it's a big name to watch out for, maybe not now. The only concern I have with them is that MIBR might eventually come scouting and when falleN asks you to come join his team a lot of the players are gonna find it hard to refuse.

Finally, for you guys you’ve got nothing announced for after ECS, and you've got a relatively big gap between events. What are your plans for that gap and the future generally?

So we have a Chicago and some other qualifier, I forget exactly but were really just working on focusing and knocking down those qualifiers. It's been too long since compLexity has been at tournaments this year, this first half of the year has probably been one of the worst we’ve ever had. Obviously the roster turbulence and obviously our IGL leaving it leaves a big void that we have to fill. So thats what we are going to do, fill that void for the next couple of weeks after this event and figure out what we are going to do from there.