• piethrouer

"It was never an option to go back to Germany with a full German lineup..." an interview with tabseN

Updated: Nov 13, 2018

First off, I wanted to talk about you and smooya with the AWP because you recently took over more so primarily, so what was the reasoning behind that?

tabseN: Well, it’s mainly because I am, in my opinion, the smarter AWP. I know how to play as the team AWP, and he is the more flashy AWP that can multi-kill easily as a movement AWP while I make the right decisions for my team.

So now talking a bit about Chicago, what do you think about your performance here?

tabseN: Honestly, in our point of view, we underperformed. In our first game we were totally off. There was no communication, the motivation was off, we knew exactly what to do and we didn’t get into our game and they rolled over us. Other than that, the second game, against Na’Vi, many people say that Na’Vi was not in top form, but we don’t really count that because we just seek to beat anyone and if they can’t perform at the top it isn’t our fault, but not their fault either because they won a big tournament. I feel like they get exhausted because they take every tournament and after beating Na’Vi we felt like we could beat anyone. But after that, we played mousesports and they were definitely the better team.

Going back to CS Summit, you guys got third place. What were you using that tournament for, more of a warmup for this event or were you going full focus for that as well?

tabseN: The goal for the tournament was to get used to timezones, to get into a chill environment and also to just enjoy it because it’s a tournament where you can just chill around, have good food, have a good environment, talk with a lot of people, talk with all the players and just have fun.

Finally, going into communication, I know at the beginning when smooya joined you had a lot of trouble. I know he had some complaints and it seemed like you guys were on the brink of splitting up and going back to full German, but now you guys seem to be in a much better place from what happened there.

tabseN: It was never an option to go back to Germany with a full German lineup because we believed in the lineup and we know that Owen is really good. He’s individually really good and I know what he’s capable of. He just needs to improve a lot more mentality wise, improve his game sense a bit and to get more used to the team. He needs to learn to sometimes die for the better. If he gets used to that, and improves on that, then I think we can be a top 5 team.

So do you think that smooya’s adapted more towards the German side or have you guys hit the right spots in your English skills?

tabseN: It’s definitely a little bit of both and we tried to talk more in English, but we speak German in the heat of the moment because it’s our natural language. Other than that, I think he’s gotten more used to that now because in the beginning he would find it a bit offensive because we were speaking a lot of German and he didn’t know what we were talking about. We obviously knew that we had to change it and do better and I feel like we’ve been better.

Going forward, what do you guys look to do throughout the rest of the year and heading into next year?

tabseN: First, we have two weeks in preparation time for new tactics and setups to get ready for Malta and after that we still have two weeks before the Pro League Finals. We will do everything for the Pro League Finals and to have a good showing during the rest of the year.