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Interview with Vision Gaming's kaboose

kaboose rocking a Selfless jersey at Northern Arena Toronto 2016

In an interview with Vision Gaming’s 18 year old kaboose, we learn how he and his team felt throughout the 28th season of Mountain Dew League where we saw them end with a second place finish to Bravado Gaming in the finals. He’s a player that has been looking for the right team to start making results and he’s found one in Vision Gaming.

I can start off by thanking you for taking the time to do this with me.

No problem :)

I wanted to start off with your wins over both Gorilla Gang and FYB, the #2 and #3 seeds for the season, while you guys came in at #8. Did you expect to make it that far in the playoffs or does this come as a bit of a surprise?

When we saw the bracket we knew we would make a decent run, in the past we have always matched up well against gorilla gang, who would likely defeat Swole Patrol with their coach. And going against FYB we knew what to expect as we just recently played them in the regular season.

You guys nearly missed playoffs entirely, but managed to coast through the tiebreaker (against XFORCE) and land a spot. Were you confident going into those matches?

No, we were super confident going into it. It landed on train which is one of our strongest maps, and that team is mostly playing for fun now anyway so they wouldn't have much practice going into it.

Awesome to hear that. I'm interested in the kind of goals you guys were setting at the start of the season. Now that you’ve seen what you’re capable of, have your goals changed?

Our goals have definitely changed now as our main goal is pro league next season, and winning Fragadelphia. Going into the season my main goal was just to make playoffs and get a really solid map pool so we would be prepared for next season, making it to the finals makes me more than proud of our progress.

Perfect, that helps transition into my next question. Unfortunately, this season of MDL didn’t offer spots to ESL Pro League. However, given your results here, what do you think your chances are of landing a spot in EPL in upcoming season(s)?

I think people really underestimate how good our team has gotten, I personally think we have a really great chance of making pro next season. It’s a big goal for all of us and something we will all work very hard to achieve.

With how teams are evolving alongside you in MDL, the next season is looking to be pretty competitive. How do you think you'll size up with these teams? Do you feel you have even more room to improve and grow as a unit?

We have lots to learn, each scrim we fix a lot of mistakes and it’s just a matter of time. I believe all teams in MDL next season will have to show us respect. Floppy was added at the beginning of the season about two months after yourself, and you’ve seen solid results with him. What has he brought to the team so far?

Floppy is such a strong addition, apart from being a huge fragger and having 96 ADR (actually 98 ADR according to MDL superstar floppy) over all of playoffs, he has really good ideas for strategies and mid rounds, he spends a lot of time watching demos and learning nades.

You yourself have put up some impressive numbers over the season, and seem to be pretty integral to your teams success. What role would you say you play on Vision?

Apart of my good numbers comes largely from the support of my team, im a second/third man in on the bombsites so I normally cleanup the frags. When I joined the team they let me default every position on T side I want to, as well as play every single position I wanted to on CT which lets me be super comfortable when I play and it's something I really appreciate that they have done for me.

Moving to the past a little bit, do you have a standout teammate from any of your past teams that you respect the most as a player or a person? Maybe someone that built you to be the player you are now in a sense?

Brehze and Nifty were really great teammates to learn from, as well as Dee from The Foundation, he has been teaching me how to play the game since my very first season, and he deserves a really special shout out, i'm confident that I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for him.

Very nice, and on that same note, I've seen you play in both official rosters and mix teams with current Dignitas player mitch in the past. Do you two have a friendship that allows you to have fun playing the game together maybe? I must say that I found you two as sort of a duo, and one that I loved watching.

We don't talk that often since selfless, but it’s always fun to play on the mix teams with him for qualifiers and Fragadelphia 10, after all both our careers were started when we won the first FPL qualifier

Perfect man, thank you so much, and just wanna thank you one more time for chatting with me.

My pleasure!


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