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Interview with Stewie2K

After their win against comLexity and securing their spot in the semi-finals at the Faceit Major, I was able to speak to MIBR’s Jake “Stewie2K” Yip where he discussed the match against compLexity, his thoughts on the upcoming match against Natus Vincere and what MIBR have to improve on in order to win the event.

Going in to the first map you guys were able to blow compLexity out of the water, in the second map it was much closer and you dropped a lot of rounds. Do you think you guys got complacent after the first map or what do you think were the problems for you guys in the second map?

On the second map, I wouldn't say we got complacent. Even before the map started, we said that we needed to close the map out and make it an easy night for us and make it to the semi finals. We knew it wouldn’t be easy, they played many inferno’s the whole tournament here and we knew they’re not an easy team to beat on that map and they played super well against us. They had answers to how we played and they stuck with their game plan and had a really good T side despite losing pistol and to be honest I think we would have went to the a third map if it wasn’t for fer saving us in the two V four.

Coming from the NA scene you’ve played against compLexity a lot, mainly online, what do you make of their run here at this major and the team in general?

I think it's pretty eye opening for the whole scene. It’s not a team we expected to make it to the playoffs and they are a team showing potential right now and showing hope for the NA scene. I think the NA scene is pretty strong right now and for them to make it to the big stage, it just represents NA even more. I think we can’t underestimate this team anymore, they are going to be in Katowice, they are probably going to get even better, they’re not going to let their foot off the gas pedal and they’re going to keep going.

So next match for you, you will be going up against Navi. How do you feel you match up against them as a team? Are you feeling confident?

Yeah, in the past we played against them in StarSeries without tarik, and I think back then we were a pretty weak team. We were just trying to find our path and find our style and we couldn't find it then. Even then it was the coldzera and s1mple show, the two best players in the world right now. We nearly pulled through against them on inferno in double OT, so I think this will be a better match for us, we are going to have a better fight against them and hopefully we can minimise our mistakes and take away another win.

So you’ve been involved in two different major runs with separate teams now, how does the atmosphere of this team compare to the atmosphere of the Cloud9 team during their major run?

I think the last major run with Cloud9, there was more momentum and confidence. We were just riding the momentum off of our comeback from 0-2 and we were just able to be confident and we just knew that we wouldn't lose to any team. Everyone was individually confident and everyone was just individually on point. The Cloud9 roster, everyone was just at the peak of their skill ceiling. Nowadays, playing on MIBR, we’re confident as well but we know we have the teamplay to back us up and even when we are individually not on point, we have our teammates to back us up. We have so many good players who can show up at any point and our teamplay is super good right now so we have other things we can rely on.

So lastly, you guys haven’t yet managed to win a “tier 1” tournament. What do you think you guys need to improve on if you are to take those next few steps and win this event?

I think the next few steps for us to improve on are communication, honestly communication is a big problem in terms of English. I think when everything is chaotic, some people might block out some important communication that they needed to hear, and they didn't hear it, so I think that’s the next step for us and just keeping our confidence up. We have to keep our confidence up and keep playing our own game. FalleN even says in the huddle that when someone does their job wrong and they fail at it, the round is not over and we gotta keep thinking that you are going to do your partners and your own job right so we can still win the round, no matter two V four, two V five and I think we showed that here.


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