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Interview with Ricky "floppy" Kemery

In a chat with this ESEA Premier Season's 98 ADR finalist, we learned a bit more about his story in the scene and how he feels moving forward.

floppy representing Vision Gaming
floppy representing Vision Gaming

So we can start looking a little farther back in your career when you spent the 26th Season of ESEA Premier playing with Torqued for quite a while. How was playing under steel for the time that you had?

I loved playing with Josh. He's a very solid IGL who understands the game in depth and in the short time I played with him I definitely learned a lot more scrimming/offline timing with him than I would playing Rank S/FPL.

What was it like joining and leaving teams so quickly for that period of time? Was there a specific reason why this was so?

I didn't play on a team for months because I didn't have any faith in 90% of the rosters in MDL. I felt that I had a lot more potential and could provide more to teams than other people. It wasn't until I played with Armada for a while that I thought we could go far until we had an IGL issue and later on joining Vision which we've had major success with.

Speaking of Armada, could you go a little more in-depth on that team's formation and disbanding? What went on in the team that you can talk about that did it in?

I replaced xCeed for reasons mostly outside of the game relating to maturity, but I don't know the full details. We had disbanded because Infinite had received the offer to Team Dignitas and the team was having issues with IGL roles.

What was it like joining the guys in Vision Gaming (originally F1 of course)? Did you feel like you could improve and do damage with this team from the start?

My reason for joining F1 was simply because Kaboose was on the team and I wanted to play with him for fun since I didn't know Huynh/Lanhero/Spongey whatsoever. Eventually, after scrimming and meshing with each other, we made MDL finals as well as winning Tulsa LAN together. So, yeah, I wasn't expecting this much success.

On that same note, with your runner-up result in this season of MDL, how do you view your team moving forward in terms of its room to grow and develop?

We just have to take each event one step at a time. The next big step is going to be Fragadelphia this weekend. We take each game and learn from our mistakes and improve upon it.

What are your thoughts on your personal performance during the season, specifically in Vision, since you had one of the highest ratings in the playoffs?

Personally, I did play my absolute best during the entirety of MDL playoffs, but I couldn't have been set up for it without my teammates. They hold their own as well and as a result we all made our own sick plays I just got more ecos of course.

As a closing question, how do you feel about how the lower level of North American Counter-Strike (Advanced / Premier) has been progressing in the past year or so? Are you satisfied with how the scene and its players are growing? What can be improved on?

I think that the reduction of total MDL/Premier teams is a net positive for NA CS because I think back when Premier was only a total of 17 teams, it had a lot more competition vs today's 24. So I'm happy that ESEA is reducing the total teams again so that each team can actually play each other. I also believe that the average player is probably better today than they were 3-4 years ago since many people (including myself) didn't play previous iterations of CS before CSGO.

Perfect, thank you so much, great words :)

No problem.


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