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Interview with compLexity's dephh

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Ahead of the Faceit Major Legends stage I had the opportunity to speak to dephh ahead of Complexity’s opening match against Fnatic. dephh discusses what stanislaw and ShahZaM have added to the roster, their preparation coming in to the major and what they need to improve on.

Let's start with the challenger stage, you showed a really strong level of play and qualified with relative ease, did you expect that it would be this comfortable to qualify?

I didn’t expect it to be that comfortable, we expected a few more close games. We had a good bootcamp in Berlin, we played close to 60 scrims against European teams. I think this settled the team and we knew that we could win at that point, as soon as we lost to Astralis, we settled in to the rest of the games, and we didn't feel like we were in trouble. We made a lot of mistakes but we never felt like we were in trouble when we were in the game.

Going in to the event, I think it would be fair to say most people regarded you as an underdog, do you think this gave you an advantage?

Yeah, I think always being an underdog is good. I think teams did not take us as seriously as they should have. Also I think being an underdog, the pressure is off you a little more, I don't think the pressure of having to win the game is there so we just played our game and it turned out really well.

So you’ve been a part of compLexity for quite a while, and in numerous different lineups, how does this lineup compare, what is special about this lineup compared to the others?

So I think as soon as stanislaw and ShahZaM joined the team, they had experience, they added structure that we hadn’t had before and just their consistency of play especially on LAN. stanislaw just seems to be cool calm and collected all the time, there is never that added pressure of having to come up with a round, he always has an idea. As soon as we added the guys on to our team we could just feel the structure and we could feel that we were playing better CS.

You touched on it a little there, I was wanting to ask you what stanislaw has brung to the team since his arrival, has he helped you to perform and feel more comfortable as a player?

Yeah, I love playing under stanislaw, he is one of the best callers in North America. He knows the game, you can tell, he made some really good overtime calls this tournament, he sees the game, he knows how other teams play. He is very thorough with his investigations of the teams and what they like to do. Yeah, he just adds a lot, I don't think we would be in this stage without him.

So obviously this is the first UK major, and you were the first UK player to qualify, do you think that you will have a home crowd advantage, you are probably the closest team to a home team, is that an extra motivation?

That’s what I keep telling my team, I said as soon as we get to that stage, every kill there is going to be a scream. They are going to be supporting us and they are going to be supporting BIG. I’m sure my team will love it if the home crowd gets behind us.

So going in to this stage, what result would be considered a success by you guys?

We obviously want to do as well as we can. We are happy with where we are right now but we also want more, we worked so hard, we had a stressful bootcamp, we argued a lot, we had a lot of problems but we have ironed a lot of them out too. We feel like if we get a good start against Fnatic they are going to struggle against us, I feel like if we can get good starts against these guys we can take maps.

So the last thing I wanted to ask you was what do you feel like is the thing you have to improve on in order to reach that next stage / tier ?

I feel like we need to cut out a lot of the mistakes we are making, I feel like we did that online where we were not making the mistakes that we were doing and beating the teams that we should be beating. So now we just need the experience as a team on a LAN environment where the pressure is higher. I think that's our next step, I dont think the CS will be a problem, it will be down to how we handle the pressure.


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