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"I think placing top 3 in MDL is definitely a must for us this season" an interview with Jonji

You have recently joined Team Blackout after having a short stint on both Resolute and Freedom 35. What was it like being on those teams and how did it come to you joining Blackout?

Being on Resolute/Freedom 35 was honestly not a bad time. I liked everyone on that team for the most part and we did really good for not practicing one time. I think the main reason we ended up splitting up was there was lack of commitment from basically everyone on the team including me. We would try to practice and people wouldn’t get on. My attitude also was just horrible on that team. I couldn’t tell you why - I was just annoying and I did not want them to have to deal with that to be honest. We also all were playing FPL every night all night so that didn’t help much. My transition to BlackOut has actually been really good. I get along really well with everyone and getting time to bond so quickly with Frag was just icing on the cake. seb and Connor are both really smart and experienced players who teach us youngins a lot. wrath is just wrath there isn’t much to say about him. And Oderus has been putting in an insane amount of work, he is absolutely crazy right now in terms of his skill.

In terms of placements, the team has only played at Fragadelphia but managed to make top 8 with little to no practice heading into the tournament if I’m correct? Going along with Frag, what is your opinion on it? The small open aspect gives players a lot of exposure and experience on LAN that they can’t get much elsewhere.

Frag is one of the best LANs period in my opinion. They had better PC’s then some of the super important lans I went to with Rise. Yeah at Frag we really just focused on getting a little done on every map - we did not really get to dive too deep into things. I’m sure if we qualify for another LAN or make MDL this season we will show a different team.

What are the teams goals for the end of this year and where is the bar set at the start?

I think placing top 3 in MDL is definitely a must for us this season, we should be able to pull it off but MDL is just getting better and better so it will definitely be a fun season. I know seb and Connor WANT to get back into pro bad and they deserve too.

What do you think of your teammates in BlackOut so far? wrath is a player that you have played with before, what is your relationship like with him?

wrath is insane, and since RONIN he has really developed a lot as a person and a teammate, really looking forward to growing with him. He is absolutely insane at this game and as for the rest we all mesh pretty well together and it will only get better with time.

Your time with Rise Nation ended a while ago, what is your opinion on what the roster has become now under eUnited and what was it like on the team a few MDL seasons ago?

Honestly I am so happy for the roster that is now eUnited, I was with the org for a while in MDL before and they were really good and I am sure it only got better. Watching that team get to where we should have been was crazy. It does suck a bit that I couldn’t bring to the table what dapr and Relyks do but at the end of the day watching moose and Ace make pro after all this time was worth the time I was upset after being dropped to be completely honest. A part of me watching was wanting Swole to win in the last map just out of spite but I think the whole time I really wanted eU to win because at the end of the day I shared way too many cool moments to hate them forever. You just gotta move on at some point.

During the IEM Chicago qualifier your team was matched up against Cloud9 in the first round. You guys had a good showing and almost beat them in the best of 3 series. What was it like playing against a team of such high caliber?

I had played them before and honestly it did not feel the same. They definitely are still good and all but it did not feel as insane as it once did. We should have won that game in all honesty we made some pretty big mistakes that we do not usually make, there was a tad bit of pressure for sure.

Who are some teams you think people should look out for during this season of MDL?

Some teams I would look out for are Swole obviously, Gorilla Gang, Team One and Bravado. And I think I am obligated to say us but I don’t want to jinx anything.


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