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HellRaisers - Major in Focus


HellRaisers controversially qualified from the CIS Minor - controversial, because their team contains a Turkish player, a Jordanian and a Hungarian, not because of their skill level. In terms of skill they were undoubtedly one of the top teams there, and it’s a first Major for some of the talent on this team. It hasn’t all been plain sailing for HellRaisers, though.

They’ve been flirting with the top 15 for a while, but every time they look like breaking into that conversation, they screw it up. A disappointing StarSeries performance saw them lose 0-2 to North, NiP and NRG - three teams they were looking to overtake in the HLTV rankings. At IEM Shanghai they were dumped out by; but that was another event where they were plagued by Visa issues, which sadly, has so often plagued this team.

It meant that Özgür ‘w0xic’ Eker wasn’t able to play for them, and he is the biggest factor of this team’s success. Fortunately, for the Faceit Major, he has a Visa sorted, and we’ll be ready to see the Turkish superstar dismantle teams on the biggest stage. Despite his infamously high sensitivity, it’s the precision and careful play of the AWPer which makes him so dangerous - one might expect him to be a flashy sniper with incredible highlights and less-than-stellar lowlights, and yet it’s his consistency which makes him so dangerous.

Their style seems to be a very aggressive four man rifle set-up on the T-side, as Kirill ‘ANGE1’ Karasiow and Issa ‘ISSAA’ Murad go full Rambo mode and look for picks, while w0xic uses their position to hold supportive angles, win post-plants and pick off players out of position. ISSAA is the real wildcard, a ridiculously talented player who has a severely underrated Deagle - watch out for him on force buys. He can change rounds in an instant with practically any weapon, as his ability to win raw aim-fights with little support is ludicrous.

Their current line-up consists of Özgür ‘w0xic’ Eker - touted by many as one of the best snipers in world Counter-Strike, a player equally capable of the flashy as the understated, but always impactful; Kirill ‘ANGE1’ Karasiow - an IGL who has shown he can frag with the big boys, often finding entries in huge rounds and picking up frags many other leaders wouldn’t; Issa ‘ISSAA’ Murad - a playmaker who needs little support to completely change a round; Vladyslav ‘bondik’ Nechyporchuk - an enigmatic fourth man, a quiet, unassuming player who seems to come up clutch; and Bence ‘DeadFox’ Böröcz - an AWPer-turned-support who can be a real force on a secondary AWP.

HellRaisers’ Dust 2 is really dangerous - they’ve won their last seven and 10 of the last 11 - mainly due to the fact that w0xic is absolutely obscene on it. In the qualifier for DreamHack Stockholm, he put up a 35-4 game with 191 (!) ADR against AGO on Dust 2, nailing down the short position, long and mid in a pretty outrageous performance. They’re also quite dangerous at Cache, with a particularly eye-catching win over FaZe in the last six months. Their Mirage is hit and miss, but their Inferno is more miss than hit, and they’re very susceptible on Nuke and Overpass.

HellRaisers’ star man is certainly w0xic, a player with a 1.33 HLTV rating in the last three months, and a stupendous 0.85 kills per round. His unique style, combined with his reliable flick aim make him a really dangerous CT player, and near-impossible to retake against.


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