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EU and CIS Minor Round-Up - Day Two

Mousesports’ Major dream is over before it really started, as they were embarrassed by international dark horse Valiance; soundly beaten on Train and Cache, leaving their map pool in tatters. Mouz had previously been beaten on Mirage by Valiance and even avoiding that, they couldn’t get a map. Rokas ‘EspiranTo’ Milasauskas showed why he’s a hot prospect, with two fantastic back-to-back maps firing Valiance into a showdown with ENCE eSports. They will be forced to watch the Major at home with Bulgarian side Windigo, who took North to the end of the line but were just pipped at the post as they struggled to hold down the B site at the end.

Mouz had beaten OpTic Gaming 2-0 earlier in the day, who were the first big casualty in the EU Minor. Robin ‘ropz’ Kool shook off the doubts with a +14 performance over the two maps, but more pressure was piled on OpTic and Marco ‘Snappi’ Pfeiffer as they disappointed again.

North were able to muscle past ex-Space Soldiers, with Valdemar ‘valde’ Bjørn Vangså slicing and dicing through the Turkish side. Yaman ‘yam’ Ergenekon impressed in his duty as a stand-in, with seven opening kills on Inferno and 17 AWP kills, but it wasn’t enough to stop a cohesive North outfit.

Then, it was Valiance’s time to shine, as they ran through a lacklustre Mousesports. ropz topped the scoreboard for Mouz, but throughout the team they were under-par and deservedly beaten by a rampant Valiance. Otto ‘ottoNd’ Sihvo showed up with EspiranTo, as he put up a +20 performance over the two maps. Such was Mouz’ lethargy, there were so few highlights or stand-out rounds, and it would be hard to explain that they were actually the favourites in the match-up.

North then squeezed past Windigo in a back-and-forth affair. Windigo took the Danish side the whole way and it was a absorbing duel until the last round, with Dust II being the pick of the maps. It was a story of B rushes as both sides struggled to hold onto the B site; one round in particular comes to mind, as with just pistols, North sieged the site and a stunning headshot from Philip ‘aizy’ Aistrup followed by Markus ‘kjaerbye’ Kjaerbye’s head-seeking missile opened up the site late on into the game, and Windigo couldn’t quite recover.

Gambit and AVANGAR survived a grueling second day to make their way into the playoffs of the CIS Minor, defeating Syman Gaming and pro100 respectively. Gambit needed three maps after Syman shocked them on Mirage, but smashed the newcomers 16-2 on Dust II and 16-10 on Train, while AVANGAR saw off Pro100 on just Inferno and Dust II.

Gambit started the day with a clean 2-0 over Belarusian underdogs Nemiga with new boy Vladyslav ‘bondik’ Nechyporchuk topping the scoreboard - nobody on Nemiga really stood out on the big stage. pro100 took down old timers Runtime 2-1 despite losing the first map - Dust II - 16-8, fighting back 16-11 on their own map choice, Cache, before crushing Runtime on Mirage. The AWP duo of Ivan ‘AiyvaN’ Semenets and Mareks ‘YEKINDAR’ Galinskis was too much to handle on Mirage, and it was YEKINDAR who dropped 71 frags over the three maps to push pro100 through.

bondik again stood out against Syman, as he posted 54 frags and 93.3 ADR over the three maps, but Rustem ‘mou’ Telepov was pretty close behind, actually getting slightly more kills but posting a slightly lower damage total. Artem ‘iDISBALANCE’ Egorov was, sadly, unable to repeat the feats of yesterday against the pre-Minor favourites, as he was invisible on all three maps.

Similarly, YEKINDAR couldn’t repeat his heroics as his side were closely beaten on both maps - Inferno and Dust II, 16-13 and 16-12 respectively - against AVANGAR. Ali ‘Jame’ Djami recovered from a -1-5 start to top the scoreboard on the second map, but it was Timur ‘buster’ Tulepov who took home the proverbial match ball, fragging 44 pro100 players in two maps, with Bektiyar ‘fitch’ Bahytov’s entry frags key to getting AVANGAR over the line in the tight match-up.


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