• Ryan "RushB" Friend

Etherian Esports in Talks to Sign New Roster

The Rush B Podcast has learned that Etherian Esports is looking to sign Jonathan “Jonji” Carey, Jack “xCeeD” Holiman, and Joshua “Hunter” Madore alongside Ian “motm” Hardy and Gage “Infinite” Green to their starting roster for the next MDL Season and beyond. The departing players, Ben “ben1337” Smith, Josh “oSee” Ohm, and Blake “Strings” Stringer, will no longer be with the Etherian Esports organization following the expiration of their original contracts. This lineup has been confirmed by eUnited Coach Jared “osorandom” Hartman on Twitter. The Rush B Podcast has also learned that Teric “Bibby” Gonella-Ingram will become the new coach of the team.

The former Etherian Esports squad seemed destined to depart after not coming to terms with management regarding the terms of their contract, however recent investment into the organization has allowed them to re-sign two of their former players and bring in three other experienced players. The former Etherian squad finished 8th overall in MDL Season 27, posting a 10–6 record featuring wins over Torqued, Ronin, and Swole Patrol. Contract terms were not made immediately available.

Also on Twitter, Anthony “Vanity” Malaspina confirmed the lineup put forward in osorandom’s tweet of Cameron “Hydrex” Cern, ben1337, and oSee, and a potential fifth. That team is without an organization and will be looking for a sponsor in the upcoming season. However, it is unconfirmed which roster slot the teams will take for the next season, seeing as each roster has two players from the former five person Etherian Esports lineup.