• Lukas DeWitt

ESL Pro League S10 NA Recap: Group A

The America's side of the Pro League started up with Group A action this week and the opening group led to a series of exciting games. It turned out that putting the two top Bralizian lineups against two lesser American lineups generated some great Counter-Strike. As expected, the two Brazilian teams placed first and second in groups, but the way they got there was quite confusing. MIBR was able to breeze by Envy and Swole Patrol relatively easy. FURIA was also able to make it past the last-placed Swole Patrol but were unexpectedly upset by Envy in a 2-1 series that ended on the 30th round of an old version of Vertigo. Although the outcome did not prevent FURIA from placing higher than Envy, the loss did come back to bite them when it came to placing over MIBR.

In their closing matches, the two Brazilian lineups were pitted against one another in an intense best of three matchup that also ended on the third map on the 30th round, however this time it was Mirage and FURIA came out victorious. In map three, FURIA had too many players performing well and MIBR’s lineup was almost out of gas. AWPer Vito ‘kNgV-’ Giuseppe was able to put up a fight through the thirty rounds, but unfortunately, he could not do it alone against FURIA’s talented roster. AWPer Andrei ‘arT’ Piovezan, and riflers Kaike ‘KSCERATO’ Cerato and Henrique ‘HEN1’ Teles were all in top form for map three. Unfortunately, because of the current system in place, MIBR retained the first place spot and are qualified for Odense even though they lost to FURIA.

FURIA and Envy earned the two slots that move them to the second round of qualification in the Pro League, and Swole Patrol fell to relegation with a 0-3 record. Envy appear to have things figured out with their CS:GO team. With Noah ‘Nifty’ Francis coming back to full-time duty as AWPer and in-game leader together, the team has shown promise. Prospect Sam ‘s0m’ Oh had moments of brilliance, and if he continues to improve as a player, Envy will continue to have a cornerstone to build their lineup around. Other parts of the lineup have improvements to make, including the newest addition Ryan ‘ryann’ Welsh, but this is a great start for the American lineup. For the three advancing teams, these group A games have given them a lot to build with and improve from.


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