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ESEA Advanced S32 Finals Preview - Recon 5 vs Faint

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

Later today, the 32nd season of ESEA Advanced North America will conclude when Recon 5 compete against Faint in the Grand Finals. After a hard-fought season, it ends with two teams competing in a best of five brawl for automatic entry into Season 33 of North American Mountain Dew League. Advancing into MDL would surely be the biggest step in all of these players’ young careers, and it gets them one step closer to reaching their goal of playing at the pro level.

There are some things worth covering before we get inside the server, starting with how these two teams got to the finals. Recon 5 made it to the finals with a clean 4-0 series record which means they entered the finals in the upper bracket. That gives them voting priority over Faint in the map voting process as well as a default 1-0 lead. Their opponents, Faint, entered the finals through the lower bracket. Faint started the playoffs 2-0 and did it in an impressive fashion by keeping their opponents below 8 rounds on Nuke, Vertigo and Inferno. Faint was looking hot, but Recon 5 was quick to put a stop to it, sending them to the lower bracket. Recon was able to edge out their map pick of Mirage 16-13, but Faint quickly answered back by winning Nuke 16-6. When it came time for the decider of Inferno, the Recon lineup was ready to get it over with, quickly ending the match 16-4 thanks in part to a stone wall 11-4 defense first half.

Neither team would lose a series after their meeting. Recon edged out Thunder Logic in a best of three to secure their place in the Finals. Following the loss to Recon, Faint was quick to bounce back against Rebirth. They won Mirage 19-15 and had apparently worn down their opponents. When it came time to Vertigo, Faint walked all over them 16-5. Their next opponent, iNTACT, would prove to be the toughest opponent for them besides Recon 5. They went all three maps and nearly to round 30 in two of them. When the smoke cleared, Faint was standing tall. In the lower bracket final, Faint was up against Thunder Logic. After getting smacked on their own map pick of Nuke 4-16, Faint recovered fast. They had a defensive run on Dust2 that got them over the hump 16-12 and made the right place both sides on Train to win 16-10.

Between the two teams, there are three players in the top ten for rating in the playoffs. Ranked No. 1 is Faint’s Danny ‘cxzi’ Strzelczyk at 1.28 with an astounding .83 KPR and 91 ADR as primary AWP for the team. Right behind him at No. 3 is Recon 5’s Peter ‘Asuna’ Mazuryk who is also fragging at .83 KPR, but is doing it for his team as a rifler. The third player in the top ten is Faint’s Sterling ‘sterling’ Allard who has shown he can be a high impact rifler for his team through the playoffs.

Players' ratings through the playoffs.

As previously mentioned Recon 5 will have a 1-0 advantage going into the best of five. Faint will start the voting process where both teams ban one map and then fill out the picks until four are chosen. Through the playoffs Recon 5 banned Vertigo every time and Faint banned Overpass every time. Should they both continue to follow that pattern, that leaves Train, Inferno, Mirage, Nuke and Dust2 to fill out four spots in the series.

Will Recon 5 take first place without dropping a series or will Faint complete the climb out of the lower bracket and secure revenge and a spot in Mountain Dew League? We will find out later tonight.

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