• Ashlynn "Valkenn" Brady

EPL Season 7 Finals Day 1 Predictions

The first day of this years EPL Final is quickly coming upon us and there are quite a few good match ups headed our way. From the classic Cloud9 vs FaZe battle, to the potential for a underdog victory in Liquid vs Grayhound we are definitely in for a very fun day of CS:GO. I am here to inform you of these games and give you a quick run down of how I think each one will go.

Cloud9 vs FaZe:

These two teams have faced each other at just about every single LAN event this year, but this is the first time they will be playing a Bo1 together. I am personally a C9 fan, but looking at recent results I think that FaZe will be the winner of this match up. They have been gradually improving, and that really showed with their recent win at IEM Sydney. As for C9, they have been making little to no progress due to the lack of time between events they have had to practice. They will need more than a few days at home every couple of weeks to adapt to a new IGL. Unless if Inferno gets played, which is a map that always goes either way between the two, then FaZe will be the victors here.

Mousesports vs SharkS:

Mouz have been on a very good streak lately, they are one of the only teams with two LAN wins this year. They also just got done placing 3rd at IEM Sydney, and are definitely miles and miles ahead of SharkS. SharkS is a fairly unknown Brazilian team who looking at recent games and results, definitely have a lot of flaws they need to fix. You can tell in their game play how young the guys are as well as how they definitely still have a lot of learning to do. These Brazilians are not at a level needed to beat a team like Mouz and this will probably be a complete stomp by Mouz.

NRG vs Heroic:

Heroic are coming into this event with stand in Cromen, and a newly signed member Friberg. They are also coming into this event with little to no preparation since they just got word of attending the EPL finals a few days ago. We have seen one game from this lineup and it was a 1-2 loss against AGO, a team they had never even lost a map against before that day. As for NRG, they will be playing without their coach because he couldn't attend due to visa issues. This could definitely bring some issues to the team, they may be lacking a little bit of confidence. Especially since this is only their second LAN event. However I don't think they will have problems against Heroic, even without their coach they are way more practiced and skilled than the mixed EU roster that is Heroic. At the end of the day, we should be seeing NRG sending Heroic to the losers bracket.

MVP PK vs Natus Vincere:

It goes without saying that Navi are one of the best teams of this year, even if we just see a s1mple show for this game they should be beating MVP easily. During IEM Sydney MVP PK played Mouz and G2. They didn't manage to win either match up, and ended up going out in 10th place. Meanwhile we have Navi who have been boot camping hard since SK tried to take s1mple and flamie from them. A team that has had a top 3 finish in every single LAN they have attended this year, as well as taken home the MVP reward twice without even winning thanks to s1mple. I wouldn't be surprised if Navi didn't give up more than 3 or 4 rounds to MVP and this will 100% be a win for the Ukrainian squad.

Team Liquid vs Grayhound:

Looking at Grayhounds results at IEM Sydney, this could definitely be an upset match. During their run at Sydney, Grayhound managed to eliminate SK from the tournament as well as take a map against FaZe before being eliminated themselves. Coming into Sydney, not a lot was known about these guys but after their short but impressive run at the event they have definitely proven they can win against a team like Liquid. Liquid added Taco to their roster at the beginning of April and haven't looked too hot with him lately. They have played one LAN with him, DreamHack Marseille, and got eliminated before they could even leave the group stage. After this, they came home and just barely qualified for the ECS finals. Basically Liquid have looked very very disorganized and messy lately, creating a perfect opportunity for Grayhound to come in and steal the game from the NA squad.

Space Soldiers vs Renegades:

This is going to be a pretty weird game, we haven't seen Space Soldiers play much since their disappointing finish at Marseille. In fact, they haven't even won a single game since the 14th of April, losing their last two sets of games for the EPL Season. It was also announced this morning that Calyx will not be able to attend due to Visa issues and they will be using backup player DESPE. Meanwhile we have Renegades who just got done beating FaZe and SK at IEM Sydney, but at the very same event got 2-0 by Tyloo and 2-1 by Mouz. They are a very inconsistent team, and for all we know they could decide to go back to how they played before Sydney. However now that Calyx will not be playing, I am confident that Renegades will be able to beat Space Soldiers in a convincing fashion.

OpTic Gaming vs Astralis:

coming into this, all we know about this current OpTic lineup is that they got relegated from ECS. Which is not a good way to start out at all, and definitely doesn't help their case for this LAN. This Danish squad has not had enough time to properly practice and train for an event like this and facing the best team in the world straight off the bat is going to put an end to them real fast. Astralis just got done placing 2nd at IEM Sydney and 1st at DreamHack Masters Marseille, as well as having a very dominant run during ECS season 5. Astralis are the better team here in every way shape and form, this should be a easy win for them.

SK Gaming vs Ninjas in Pyjamas: SK are coming into this event with everything going wrong. They are struggling with communication, adjusting to a new player (Stewie2k), and now a new IGL. when I say they are adjusting to a new player, I really mean it. Like literally changing every aspect of how they play and even how they speak. If it wasn't obvious from their last place finish at IEM Sydney, they are not in any shape to beat NiP. They are going to need several months, if not longer, to let all of these changes sink in and for things to fully come together. As for NiP, they have been pretty under the radar as of late since picking up Dennis. Not really putting out the best results but also not doing terrible, this is definitely a event they are gonna need to do good at if they want to keep being a top 10 team. Thankfully they get to start out this hopefully good LAN run against SK, who I think they will be beating in a very convincing fashion.


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