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DreamHack Open Summer 2020: NA - Odds Preview

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

The player break is almost over, which means pro Counter-Strike is nearly back in business. A month off gave players and teams time to not only rest but prepare for the first event back. DreamHack Open Summer 2020 will serve as the first major battle for North American supremacy in the second half of the CS calendar, and each team attending would love to kick off the player's return with a first-place trophy. Factors such as the return from the player break and online format combined with the already closely competitive nature of pro Counter-Strike makes DreamHack Open Summer 2020: North America difficult to predict. According to Sports Betting Dime, here are the top five teams with the best odds of winning. Let's take a look and dissect each team:

Evil Geniuses (+270)

Sitting as the clear favorites in odds is the No. 3 globally ranked Evil Geniuses squad, who started slowly during the transition to online play but entered the player break in the best form of any North American team. The team finished the final two events before the break with a combined map record of 17-5, including a ten map streak at the end. Their success can be largely attributed to the performances of their three big stars. Head coach Wilton ‘zews’ Prado and in-game leader Peter ‘stanislaw’ Jarguz have built a system together that the players have bought in to, and the player break gives them more time to develop the system.

Heading into the event, Evil Geniuses have an even or advantageous online record against fellow frontrunners. EG won their last two meetings against 100 Thieves, last three against Liquid and Gen.G, and have yet to lose to FURIA after four series. The ceiling of this team’s firepower has always been well known, and if they can come out of the break firing on all cylinders, opponents will have a next-to-impossible time stopping them.

FURIA (+300)

The fan-favorite FURIA squad is certainly one of the most exhilarating teams to watch in all of pro Counter-Strike. Their fast pace and relentless demeanor are one of a kind, making opposition uncomfortable while putting on a show for fans. Their impressive 55-36 record on the year has set them up to take the throne as the best team in North America. Taking first place at DreamHack following the player break would give them the leverage to take pole position in the region, and they have the resources to do just that.

The transition to online regional play has not affected the Brazilian squad. They have continued to stay in the conversation as a top-three team in the region, and are prepared to catapult themselves even higher. Coming off the break, FURIA has a convincing record against fellow top North American lineups on the year. The team is 4-0 against 100 Thieves and 6-1 against Liquid. Although they have yet to beat Evil Geniuses this year after four attempts, FURIA is capable of turning it around starting with this event. With a firm advantage over the other teams at the event, a hot start at DreamHack is all FURIA needs to secure a first-place victory.

Liquid (+300)

The once world-class Liquid squad has been unable to find dominant form during online play. A 39-31 record during this time is a significant drop in consistency from what fans had become accustomed to for a long time. Though the team entered the break in poor form, Liquid has the resources available to turn it around on the drop of a dime and become the best team in North America. With its roster fielding three former top ten players, their offensive output has a higher ceiling than any lineup in the region.

Although they have an opportunity to turn it around, the results so far have been less than stellar when it comes to beating NA contenders. Besides losing the top NA ranking and being close to No. 2, the team has been unable to establish any footing over any top regional opposition. Before the break, the team had a series record of 1-6 against FURIA and 3-3 against Evil Geniuses. These numbers show there is room for improvement, and they will have an opportunity to turn it around starting with DreamHack. Even in a slump, this team can take over the server at any time.

Gen.G (+600)

The Gen.G lineup has found difficulty making a stake as a legitimate contender in 2020. The team has been unable to perform beyond .500 showings and, at the moment, has proven to be a treadmill team. At 46-1-46 on the year in online competition, the team is a bonafide treadmill team. On paper, the team certainly has plenty of talent to dominate a server. However, the transition to online play was a big factor in Gen.G’s downgrade in performance, and they could not solve the issues plaguing them before the player break. The team has enough resources available to turn it around, time will tell if they were able to fix them.

Although they are not a frontrunner to win an event, the idea of Gen.G winning an event is not crazy. They still have established pieces inside of their rotation that has proven they can take over in crunch time. Establish talents across the lineup leave fans hopeful that this will be the event the team turns it around. Like their 2020 record suggests, their record against fellow top opponents is neither good nor bad. Each head-to-head record against top teams in the event is either even or within one game of each other. This shows just how close Gen.G plays their opponents, and how close they are to breaking the ceiling.

100 Thieves (+600)

100 Thieves have struggled harder than most teams during the transition to online play. Their successes in 2020 have been far and few between, and they were without a doubt one of the teams that stumbled into the player break. Their 25-1-27 record on the year is what fans would consider a far-cry of the team’s true form. At their peaks, the lineup has pushed top teams to their limit in officials, even reaching the top five global status at one point. The craziness of 2020 has taken a toll on the form of the lineup and they have yet to recover it. Off the back of the player break, the 100 Thieves team will have to recover what they have lost from their world-class showing at the end of last year to lift a trophy and return to regional dominance.

Head-to-head results against fellow top teams prove the road will be tough for 100 Thieves. They hold no advantage over any team previously mentioned teams and at best, are tied with them in the record. The team brought in renowned coach Chet ‘ImAPet’ Singh to help break the dry spell within the team. The player break allowed the two parties to properly diagnose and solve the problems plaguing the talented roster. DreamHack Open will be a true test for the team as they claw their way back into legitimacy on the domestic stage.

DreamHack Open Summer 2020: North America Odds

  • Evil Geniuses (+270)

  • FURIA (+300)

  • Liquid (+300)

  • Gen.G (+600)

  • 100 Thieves (+600)

Top Performers Attending Event - 2020 Rating

  1. jks (100 Thieves) - 1.19 rating

  2. EliGE (Liquid) - 1.17 rating

  3. KSCERATO (FURIA) - 1.15 rating

  4. yuurih (FURIA) - 1.15 rating

  5. HEN1 (FURIA) - 1.14 rating

  6. floppy (Cloud9) - 1.14 rating

  7. NAF (Liquid) - 1.12 rating

  8. Brehze (Evil Geniuses) - 1.11 rating

  9. CeRq (Evil Geniuses) - 1.11 rating

  10. jkaem (100 Thieves) - 1.11 rating

Stats retrieved from HLTV database

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