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CS Top 20 From a Nobody: #15-#11

15) Justin ‘jks’ Savage (100 Thieves)

LAN: 1.12 (131) [#17]

Big Events: 1.11 (95) [#14] Majors: 1.12 (24) [#12]

Top Events:

StarSeries i-League Season 7 - 1.28 [#3]

BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles - 1.18 [#4]

DreamHack Masters Dallas - 1.14 [#14]


His final showing at EPL S10 Finals was jks’ first event in the red since IEM Sydney at the end of April, and those were the only two this year. This speaks volumes to his consistency. His rifling ability is world-class, but tournament wins continue to escape the Australian star.


100 Thieves were inconsistent as a team throughout the year, but jks was not. For almost half of the year, he was performing above the level he finished the year at and was looking like a legit top ten candidate. He has world-class mechanical ability which includes his knack for headshots. He finishes 2019 ranked top five in headshots per round and percentage. Even with his team only making top three in three of eleven LANs, jks found a way to stand out.


The lineup just landed at the 100 Thieves organization, so they are not going anywhere. Jks will continue to play at the level we are used to, it is just a matter of the lineup catching up to him in terms of consistency. The whole lineup has shown the ability to beat the world’s best teams, but they have also shown they can bottom out in tournaments. LAN victories will help rank him even higher next year.

14) Tsvetelin ‘CeRq’ Dimitrov (Evil Geniuses)

LAN: 1.11 (183) [#19]

Big Events: 1.10 (137) [#16] Majors: 1.05 (10) [#26]

Big Event Victories: 2

Top Events:

ESL One New York - 1.27 [#2]

StarSeries i-League Season 8 - 1.19 [#4]

ECS Season 7 Finals - 1.18 [#7]


Evil Geniuses’ primary AWPer established himself as one of the best pure AWPers in Counter-Strike following his performances in the team’s most important games this year. He went quiet with the AWP at times, but CeRq's high-points make for the best AWPing in North America.


CeRq was lights out this year for his team. His high-level performance with the big green was a driving force for EG’s two big event victories. Although he did not earn an MVP, he finished top five in rating at both events EG won. CeRq also led the world in AWP frags this year and finished second in total opening frags. When CeRq was in form this year he was an unstoppable force with the AWP.


At just 20 years old, CeRq is not done growing as a player. He has unlimited potential and plays in a great environment. CeRq may have some competition next year as the best Bulgarian AWPer in North America, but he looks capable to take the challenge.

13) David ‘frozen’ Čerňanský (mousesports)

LAN: 1.13 (137) [#16]

Big Events: 1.10 (73) [#20] Majors: .96 (7)

Big Event Victories: 1

Top Events:

IEM Sydney - 1.25 [#4]

ESL One Cologne - 1.20 [#9]

EPICENTER - 1.18 [#3]


At seventeen, frozen was not afraid to step into the limelight as a primary rifler for another potentially historic lineup constructed by Finn ‘karrigan’ Andersen. Frozen exploded onto the scene with no signs of trouble. He did not experience his first negatively rated event until the Berlin Major. Frozen is an unreal talent in his own right, but playing with karrigan gives him limitless potential.


Frozen looked solid throughout a majority of the year, and when mouz went on their successful run to close the year, he looked even better. Frozen’s performance increased when they faced fellow top-five opponents Astralis, fnatic, Liquid and EG. His rating against top-five teams jumps to 1.19, which is fifth-best in the world. His uncanny ability to elevate his game against the best players makes him one of the best players.


Frozen has an unbelievably bright future ahead of him. He already steps up for mousesports against the world-beaters and he is only seventeen. By this time next year he will be miles ahead of what he was. He has shown peaks of top five-level, it is just a matter of developing his skills to do it consistently.

12) Özgür ‘woxic’ Eker (mousesports)

LAN: 1.16 (116) [#9]

Big Events: 1.15 (74) [#9] Majors: 1.06 (12) [#24]

Big Event Victories: 1

Top Events:

DreamHack Masters Malmö - 1.26 [#3]

ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals - 1.25 [#5]

StarSeries i-League Season 8 - 1.18 [#6]


Woxic is a literal powder keg waiting to be ignited and wipe out whatever poor soul is in the radius. His talent is very obvious to see, but like frozen before him, karrigan has helped him breakthrough. Although not as consistent as his teammates, woxic in form is truly one of the most intimidating forces in Counter-Strike.


Statistically, woxic often performs at a top ten level and has shown glimpses of even better. His numbers also increase when mouz is playing top teams, and that is doubly impactful for woxic because he uses the AWP. Finishing top-five in AWP frags per round proves his value as a primary AWPer, but what makes him intimidating is his ability to impose his will on his opponents early in the round whole AWPing. His 60% opening duel success places him top five, which is a necessary trait for a world-class AWPer.


There is absolutely no telling where woxic could stop in terms of his progression. He has no ceiling. If mouz retain their form into 2020, then they will certainly lift more trophies. If they win more tournaments, then woxic could be anywhere on this list. Without a doubt, woxic has top-five potential.

11) Russel ‘Twistzz’ Van Dulken (Liquid)

LAN: 1.13 (168) [#15]

Big Events: 1.13 (139) [#11] Majors: 1.10 (15) [#15]

Big Event Victories: 6 MVPs: 1

Top Events:

BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles - 1.27 [#2]

ESL One New York - 1.23 [#3]

BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen - 1.23 [#5]


During the most dominant reign in North American Counter-Strike history, Twistzz continued his reign as perhaps the most mechanically sound players in the game. His ability to headshot opponents is something that no other player can mimic, and it is what makes him one of the most exciting players to watch today.


He was the third most efficient player for a Liquid team that for a period of time looked like the best team in the world. He leads in all three headshot categories with over 300 more headshots, nearly seven higher headshot percent and almost .5 a round. Twistzz may rely heavily on his ability to take out enemies with one bullet, but without a doubt, he is the best in the world at doing it.


For the second year in a row Twistzz has ended in this range for player rankings. His numbers barely changed from last year as well. 2020 will be a good year to gauge if Twistzz can continue elevating his game or if this is his ceiling.

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