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CS:GO's Top Six After Six (2019)

Updated: Jul 4, 2019

June has passed, meaning we crossed the halfway point of the year. Through the first six months, the world’s best Counter-Strike teams competed in eight big events and one major. Through these nine events, we get a good idea as to who the best players in Counter-Strike are at the moment. As we are getting into the thick of the second half, let’s take a look at the top six players in Counter-Strike after six months:

6) NiKo (FaZe)

Big Events: 1.18 (49) [#9]

All Matches: 1.19 (76) [#10]

Majors: 1.15 (10) [#14]

Top Events:

BLAST Pro Series Miami - 1.44 [#1]*

StarSeries i-League Season 7 - 1.26 [#4]

DreamHack Masters Dallas - 1.17 [#11]


The first half of 2019 was shaky for Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovac. He was relieved of his calling duties after mixed results, and the lineup has not found its footing with new in-game leader Filip ‘NEO’ Kubski. Although NiKo has shown some irregular hiccups in his game as of late, his mechanical skill cannot be ignored. Even in defeat, he puts up big numbers against top teams.


Even in a down year, NiKo is still one of the most fearless and dominant entry fraggers in the world. He is currently sitting second in total opening frags and fifth in total headshots at big events. His impact is still noticeable and if the lineup can come to form again, his impact will only increase. When FaZe took first at BLAST Miami, NiKo was producing in a world class manner. He was first in eleven of 21 categories at the event, and it should serve as a reminder for what is in store for us if FaZe get their lineup together.

5) EliGE (Liquid)

Big Events: 1.19 (57) [#8]

All Matches: 1.19 (97) [#8]

Majors: 1.07 (6) [#24]

Top Events:

ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals - 1.29 [#1]* DreamHack Masters Dallas - 1.24 [#4]*

IEM Sydney - 1.23 [#10]


Liquid has taken their place as the undisputed best team in Counter-Strike, and Johnathan ‘EliGE’ Jablonowski has taken his place as the undisputed best player on Liquid. EliGE found himself as a player in 2019, and has found consistency at a level only the world’s best players can play at.


EliGE is in the top five of eight major categories at big events, which makes him the second most common name across the entire statistical leaderboard at big events. EliGE sits first in opening kills, first in total kills, third in assists and second in total headshots. EliGE right now is the number one fragging machine for the most talented team in the world. In the three events Liquid have won so far in 2019, EliGE played at a 1.20+ level, and even earned the MVP award for two of them. His two MVP trophies are more than anyone else in Counter-Strike this year. Through the first six months of 2019, EliGE stands head and shoulders above his North American peers as the best in his region.

4) Magisk (Astralis)

Big Events: 1.20 (45) [#6]

All Matches: 1.19 (61) [#12]

Majors: 1.28 (11) [#4]

Top Events:

IEM Katowice - 1.28 [#4]* ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals - 1.22 [#6]

BLAST Pro Series São Paulo - 1.21 [#3]


Rifler Emil ‘Magisk’ Reif has become a pillar of consistency for the Danish superteam, only falling below a 1.15 rating one time in six events. Whether Astralis is experiencing highs or lows as a team, Magisk continues to prove that he is definitively the second best player on Astralis and in Denmark.


Magisk continues to be one of the strongest riflers in the game. His playstyle is so impactful for Astralis, and is capable of changing the outcome of the game in the biggest ways for his team. The proof is in the numbers. At big events in 2019, he supported in 23.4% of rounds, which is third. He is tied for second in deaths per round with .59, and is first in KAST at 77.3%. His playstyle meshes perfectly within the Astralis system and he embraces his talents within this supportive role, truly unlocking him as a world class player.

3) ZywOo (Vitality)

Big Events: 1.25 (38) [#3]

All Matches: 1.29 (123) [#2]

Majors: 1.14 (9) [T-16]

Top Events:

ECS Season 7 Finals - 1.41 [#1]*

DreamHack Masters Dallas - 1.33 [#1]

StarSeries i-League Season 7 - 1.22 [#7]


The French phenom needed no time getting acclimated to the competition in top level Counter-Strike. He posted a 1.14 rating at the IEM Katowice Major, and his numbers have only increased since then. He appears to have few weaknesses and at periods looks truly untouchable. At this stage in his career, Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut already is one of the world’s best talents in Counter-Strike.


ZywOo finds himself in the top five in seven different categories at the halfway point of the year, all of which embrace his raw talent as a hybrid superstar. At big events this year, he is .01 rating below device, .7 ADR below EliGE, has more kills per round than device and has equal opening kills per round as NiKo. His ability to entry is top notch and he has the mechanical talent comparable to the world’s best players. At his worst he is a top twenty player. At his best, he is the most dominant force in Counter-Strike.

2) device (Astralis)

Big Events: 1.26 (45) [#2]

All Matches: 1.22 (61) [#4]

Majors: 1.32 (11) [#1]

Top Events:

ECS Season 7 Finals - 1.37 [#2] BLAST Pro Series São Paulo - 1.35 [#1]*

IEM Katowice - 1.32 [#1]


Nicolai ‘device’ Reedtz continues to be the most talented, most well-rounded and most consistent talent in Denmark. Astralis’ dominance from 2018 extended into a quarter of 2019 and device was a large reason why. He is a top player in every phase of the game and sits comfortably as the second best player in the world.


Device’s consistent play is compounded by the level he is actually playing at. For half of the events he has attended, he finished with a 1.30+ rating. He is passing the .80 kill per round mark more often than not, and his deaths per round have flirted near the .50 mark. He continues to be the driving force that holds Astralis up as one of the best teams in all of Counter-Strike. Astralis placed 5th-6th in their last two events but device’s numbers have not faltered. In both of those poor team placings, device ranked No. 2 and No. 4 at the events in rating. With Cologne and Berlin coming up, device looks ready to continue his form at the two biggest events of the Summer.

1) s1mple (Na’Vi)

Big Events: 1.33 (39) [#1]

All Matches: 1.34 (66) [#1]

Majors: 1.29 (11) [#2]

Top Events:

StarSeries i-League Season 7 - 1.43 [#1]* IEM Katowice - 1.29 [#4]

BLAST Pro Series Madrid - 1.25 [#11]


Aleksander ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev’s reign of dominance continues relatively untested through the first half of 2019. He continues to outperform all of his peers in every phase of the game. Even a roster plagued with underperforming talent cannot prevent s1mple from thrashing everyone he comes across. He continues to get better and continues to stretch the perceived capabilities of a hybrid superstar. Without a doubt, s1mple continues to be the king of Counter-Strike.


S1mple is top five in eleven categories and he is first in six of them. Na’Vi has been mostly deflating in 2019, but that has not stopped s1mple from dominating the server. The biggest players make the plays in the biggest games and s1mple does just that. At StarSeries Season 7, s1mple had .97 kills per round and a 1.54 rating against top five ranked opponents. These are numbers that no one else is capable of achieving against this level of competition. His No.1 ranked 1.33 rating, 87 ADR and 55 multi-frag round percentage over the first six months are shining examples of his profound capabilities in the server. Without debate, s1mple stands alone as the best player in Counter-Strike.

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