• Lukas DeWitt

BLAST Spring Series Preview: MIBR

MIBR’s 2019 offered little to be excited for. They could barely maintain a lineup, which ultimately prevented them from finding any success at big tournaments. After playing musical chairs for the last year or so, MIBR appears to have a team fielded. This roster has some bright spots, so as long as the team can stay functioning, then MIBR could be in store for a better year.


João ‘felps’ Vasconcellos joins the team in January … Five months later felps is loaned to Luminosity for Lucas ‘LUCAS1’ Teles … Three weeks after, Marcelo ‘coldzera’ David leaves with kNgV- taking his place … MIBR rides out the roster until the last two weeks of the year, replacing LUCAS1 with meyern.


Epitacio ‘TACO’ de Melo | .94 RAT, .60 KPR, .66 DPR, 66.4 ADR

  • A world-renowned support player known for putting his teammates in the best positions.

Ignacio ‘meyern’ Meyer | .94 RAT, .62 KPR, .69 DPR, 67.4 ADR

  • 17-year-old Argentinian player with a wealth of potential.

Fernando ‘fer’ Alvarenga | 1.07 RAT, .70 KPR, .69 DPR, 77.6 ADR

  • One of the most aggressive players in our game today. Fer in form is a scary sight.

Gabriel ‘FalleN’ Toledo | 1.03 RAT, .65 KPR, .63 DPR, 69.6 ADR

  • One of the world’s best IGL’s historically, but has not been able to lead his team to victory in some time.

Vito ‘kNgV-’ Giuseppe | .99 RAT, .68 KPR, .69 DPR, 70 ADR

  • Explosive AWPer that can be easily defined as “boom or bust”.

Three keys:

Fer’s Return to Form: When fer is playing at his best, he is one of the most fun players to watch as well as one of the hardest to stop. His uncanny game sense allows him to successfully flank his opponents during their most exposed moments, which allow him to dominate games. It has been a while since fer has been at his peak, but getting him back to form is pivotal for the success of this lineup.

Double AWP Dominance: kNgV- joined the roster to take over the primary AWP role for long-time AWPer FalleN, which would allow him to open up as a player and alleviate some stresses as an in-game leader. Although FalleN can fall into rifling more, MIBR has the potential to rattle their opponents with a fierce double AWP setup. Having two explosive AWPers in the same lineup can be beneficial if the team can work around their wants and needs in-game. FalleN should make it a priority to not only get kNgV- in form but to have a double AWP setup in their back pocket.

Who is No. 2?: On paper, fer looks to be the No. 1 source of firepower. If he finds himself playing at an efficient level during the group stage, he will certainly need a No. 2 to follow suit. Historically, MIBR could have any of the other four members of the other lineups step up when needed. However, this team does not have the same potential to run teams over as the previous lineups did. If fer does return to form, they still need one of these other four to help him out.

Player Spotlight:

meyern - The 17-year-old is the latest of MIBR’s revolving fifth player to fill out the lineup. This cursed final spot in the roster has been only temporary for the last few players, but meyern will likely break that trend. He showcased the talent to be exposed at this level, but is young enough to be able to mold him as a player. Although MIBR has been in rough shape for some time, his teammates have a wealth of knowledge and experience they can hand off to him. His performance will be important for MIBR’s survival in these groups and their success at all future tournaments.

The Bottom Line:

The core pieces of this lineup have not done anything noteworthy in quite a while, and it is difficult to get excited about them. With their first match being against Liquid, it will be hard to stay afloat in the group play. Meyern and kNgV- will be important for the future of the team, but the two talents alone are not enough. The other three members will have to turn the clock back to find success in group play.

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All statistics used are from the HLTV database.