• Lukas DeWitt

BLAST Spring Series Preview: Complexity

Complexity’s only source of consistency last year was from their poor performances at LAN. Every attended event ended in a last or near-last placing. The revolving door of lineups made it hard to find any success domestically or internationally. Fielding four different lineups for seven LAN events makes it hard to build a winning formula against teams with actual foundation. Fortunately, the team enters the new year with high hopes thanks to their upgraded roster.


Complexity went 10-20 with Peter ‘stanislaw’ Jarguz before leaving for greener pastures … Ricardo ‘Rickeh’ Mulholland joined the team, had Visa issues, performed poorly when he did attend, then released a confusing twitlonger before being cut … coL founder Jason Lake dropped a bomb on twitter following the 12th-14th finish at Berlin … Lake executed a roster overhaul to close the year, creating his juggernaut.


Will ‘RUSH’ Wierzba | .91 RAT, .59 KPR, .71 DPR, 68.9 ADR

Here to make his teammates better. He will be pivotal for the growth of coL’s talent.

Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke | 1.00 RAT, .68 KPR, .73 DPR, 76.9 ADR

Previously a Top 20 player, returning to that form is key to success.

Owen ‘oBo’ Schlatter | 1.05 RAT, .74 KPR, .73 DPR, 77.3 ADR

A young talent on the rise that can only benefit from his supporting cast.

Benjamin ‘blameF’ Bremer | 1.07 RAT, .71 KPR, .67 DPR, 78.1 ADR

One of the hungriest leaders in the world. blameF is ready to lead his team to titles.

Valentin ‘poizon’ Vasilev | 1.15 RAT, .76 KPR, .64 DPR, 78.9 ADR

Wielding the big green is no easy task, but poizon makes it look that way.

Three keys:

Juggernaut or underdog?: On paper, this team looks capable of great things. The roster has a healthy mix of veteran presence and youthful hunger necessary to be the best. However, they are in a group with Na’Vi, Vitality, and Astralis. Winning the group will be a tall order, but if you want to be the best you have to beat the best.

The comeback of k0nfig: At his heights in 2017, Danish star k0nfig was exactly that: a star. After earning No. 14 on the 2017 edition of HLTV’s Top 20, the sky was the limit. Unfortunately, his presence on the international stage has not been the same since. He is in the best position to come back and become the player he was in 2017. Performing at that level will lift his team immensely.

America’s Next Top AWPer: Bulgarian AWPer poizon made his name with impressive performances against top teams like MIBR, G2, Na’Vi and fnatic while a part of Windigo. Now with Complexity, poizon will have an opportunity to further progress as a talent on the international level. He has the individual talent and external resources to become the best player in the lineup and possibly in North America.

Player Spotlight:

RUSH - As the lone Major winner in the lineup, RUSH has a wealth of knowledge and experience playing top-level CS. He has also shown a willingness to use those tools to make his teammates better. He will do whatever he can to give them more space and the correct information to succeed. These unselfish characteristics are important to have in a member of a lineup striving to be competitive. The best teams need someone who can do the dirty work, and RUSH is exactly that. He will not always light up the scoreboard, but he is always working to put his teammates in the best position possible and that’s why he will be vital regarding their success at BLAST and beyond.

The Bottom Line:

This team was assembled to be a world-beater, and on paper, it looks like they could be. The talent and resources are there, but the lineup needs reps against top teams and at LAN. These officials will be great for their growth as a team, regardless of results. In-game leader blameF has unmatchable drive at the pro level and will surely get the most out of the experience. Although many will pick Complexity to be last in the group, this team has the tools available to shock the world day one.