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BIG - Major in Focus


BIG are the sole German representative at the FACEIT Major; some may argue Mousesports, who traditionally were German and the organisation itself is also, but with no German players left in what is now an international side. They also boast one of the first players from the United Kingdom to make it to a Major - Owen ‘smooya’ Butterfield. With the Major being in England, this is a massive step for UK CS and all eyes are on the AWPer.

Known for their tactical dominance rather than raw firepower, BIG have had mixed success in the past year. A riotous performance in Cologne saw them best FaZe Clan in the semi-finals before being finally taken down by NaVi, but outside of that little has been heard of the German/English hybrid. In Cologne, we saw a dominant tactical display powered by the two Johannes; Johannes ‘tabseN’ Wodarz and Johannes ‘nex’ Maget. nex had a history of not performing in big games, but it was his fragging power that helped BIG muscle past one of the more skilled teams. Fatih ‘gob b’ Dayik is the mastermind of the team, and a veteran IGL, who brings tactical excellence and discipline to otherwise mercurial talent.

Their Major history is short but sweet - out of nowhere, BIG smashed the PGL Major in Kraków, going 3-0 in groups. That doesn’t tell the full story, though. There was a game-warping glitch that it would be remiss to not talk about, and BIG found the best way to use it. It slightly taints the wonderful story that that was; so now, the onus is on them to show they aren’t a one-hit wonder.

Since then, they’ve had an upgrade in firepower. At the last Major they failed to make a splash, but with smooya they have the closest thing to home advantage and finally they look like a really dangerous team. smooya for LEGIJA is a huge upgrade in terms of firepower, and it’s the AWPer who has the power to change their fortunes.

Their current line-up consists of Fatih ‘gob b’ Dayik - a true old-school IGL whose sub-par fragging is made up for by a superb mind for the game; Johannes ‘tabseN’ Wodarz - a superstar aimer, tabseN is the fragging engine that powers BIG’s game; Owen ‘smooya’ Butterfield - a quicksilver talent with an explosive personality and hair trigger reaction times; Johannes ‘nex’ Maget - a sleeper talent with crazy skill levels but occasional lapses in confidence; and finally, Tizian ‘tizian’ Feldbusch - an unpredictable rifler who is well-drilled and reliable within his role.

They’ve been pretty impressive on Dust 2 recently, most notably smashing the French side G2 16-1 on it. A tight loss to FaZe and a disappointing loss to Renegades mark an otherwise impressive list of scalps - NaVi, G2, Liquid and NTC. They play a lot of Inferno and recently have been pretty decent on it, but their Train will need to improve if they want to keep picking it. Currently, they’ve lost four of their last six but there is a win over FaZe Clan in there.

BIG’s star man remains tabseN, a hybrid with insane first bullet aim and an ability to consistently get the frags he should, and occasionally frags he has no right to get; somewhat similar to Jonathan ‘Elige’ Jablonowski in that regard. smooya at Cologne found his niche as a clutch player when the rounds got down to the nitty gritty, and he and tabseN can win rounds on their own at their best.


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