• Lukas DeWitt

ANDROID: "Our team has no egos, everyone is trying to get better"

Our second-to-last interview from IEM Chicago is with Bradley "ANDROID" Fodor as Lukas DeWitt quizzed the Canadian player about his first event with Envy, his team's potential going forward and what it's like to play with Sonic and s0m.

Photo courtesy of Pierre Yves Laroche via Dreamhack

This is your first big event with Envy, how was this as a first with the team?

The circumstances were pretty crappy, but even without having Nifty, we felt confident coming into this event. Liquid was whatever, we were just like “forget about that match”. With MiBR and G2, we knew we could beat for sure. We should have. We were up 13-5 on the last map, and we threw that away.

That’s probably inexperience ringing in, right?

Yeah, it just sucks that the one person to get sick is our IGL. I get MiBR had a coach playing also but Fallen knows what to do but we’re kind of like - I know I’m experienced but like - it is something hard to piece together. But overall we were really excited to come to this event.

What is it like going from a team where you may have been middle of the pack in experience, to now being the most experienced professionally?

It is a lot better. You get a lot more respect from your teammates. This team has no ego, no attitudes. Everyone is modest and trying to get better. No one is trying to be the hero of the team.

What is it like playing with two fresh minds like Sonic and s0m?

You’re able to shape them how you see the game. Whatever you tell them, they are more than happy to do it. They are so dynamic. Sonic never misses a shot, he just needs to figure out how to get more aggressive because I know he can do whatever he wants. He just can’t play scared.

This team is packed with talent. What is your ceiling? Can you compete with top North American teams?

Yeah, I mean, we can be top ten, top five I think. A lot of the other teams are having roster issues and all of that stuff, “the NA mentality” people say. Like I said, our team has no egos, everyone is trying to get better as a team and that’s what I’m looking forward to. As long as every event we are getting better and better and better that is all that matters and I think that is all that Envy cares about.

Will you hit Legend’s status with this lineup?

Yeah, 100%. The minor thing was a total fluke.