• Lukas DeWitt

AmaNEk: "We think we can beat everyone and we think we can win the Major"

Continuing his IEM Chicago Coverage, Lukas DeWitt was able to catch up with François "AmaNEk" Delaunay and talk a little bit about the team, his time in NA, his time back in France, and what he expects to come out of the Major.

AmaNEk at DH Tours 2019. Photo Courtesy of Alex Maxwell via Dreamhack

This is your third event overall with G2. How has that been transitioning from smaller teams to playing with superstars?

In the beginning it was really tough, our first event was Charleroi esports. I struggled a lot individually in the beginning. It was hard to adapt in the beginning. But the more matches we played, the more comfortable I was to play.

When you first met and played with Shox and KennyS in the team, how was that?

It was a dream come true to play with Shox and KennyS. After a while, it became easy to adapt because they are cool people. It was the most stressful at the beginning but it wore off.

Was it hard to adapt to the speed of the game or the playstyle?

The playstyle and the communication. The communication was really weird. It was really calm, serious and professional. Something I was not used to. At LDLC it was more fun. But now [With G2] it is fun. We add more fun which makes it easy.

You played briefly in North America, compare the communication when you played in America to your communication now.

It was pretty loud in NA. When you play with Shox and Kenny it is more calm. They work a lot on their communication, that is why their communication is close to perfect.

Your numbers are steadily declining in the lineup, are you trying to find yourself individually or do you think it has to do with the inconsistent results?

We travel a lot, so it is becoming harder to play better and better. I think we need to have a reset to play better at the next event.

So you think the break before the Major will be good for you guys?

Yes, this is going to be very good for us to do well at the Major.

You guys are sitting at No. 8 in the world. You’ve teams like Renegades, NRG and FaZe. You haven’t played or beaten top teams like Astralis, ENCE, Liquid or Vitality at Big Events. Based on that, where do you think your team will sit in the rankings when you hit your peak form?

I think on a really good day when every person is at the highest level, I think we are the top team in the world. It is up to us to have the perfect day at the perfect time.

So heading toward the StarLadder Major you guys are feeling confident?

We think we can beat everyone and we think we can win the Major.

G2 and Vitality have both had hiccups at IEM Chicago and it’s hard to gauge who is the best French team in CS. Is it you guys?

It's hard to tell. The Major will be a good sign.